In God We Trust

Today, we find ourselves at the beginning of a massive attempt to obliterate this nation. We have no fundamental rules for peace, for harmony comes from a creator who has given to humanity guidelines for peaceful co-existence. Our money says “In God We Trust,” but do we?

If we were to trust God, then should we not be living by his living principles for peace, but do we have peace?  The answer, of course is no, we have no peace for our nation is falling apart.  The way of peace we do not know nor do we understand, for that is the function of our religions.

The United States has been at the forefront for attempting to take peace to a troubled world, and yet we find ourselves in the throes of our failures.  Our history is being erased, and in its place; there is nothing to replace it.

Morality is not taught, not in our schools and not in our houses of worship. We have not been taught the values necessary for living peaceful with our neighbors. Our nation is deeply divided and the peacemakers who are bound by their oath to God, have failed and refuse to be a beacon of light for a dying world.

 Our houses of worship have long forgotten their responsibilities to lead the way but they themselves are a major part of the problem.  There are those who shout out about the injustices and call for equality when in fact impartiality has reached a place where fairness does not exists in the minds of rabble-rousers.

Anarchy, coupled with a race war, is on the horizon and we are far too along to change. There are pied pipers who are continuing to lead us to our destruction, and no one to stop this onslaught.  Unfortunately, some of these godless leaders are called reverend and God loving while spewing forth lies, and all under the banner of being Christian. Instead of hope, they make their fortunes by removing hope and in the process oppressing their people. 

The hope for the world lies in the purpose God has mandated for humanity. Christ came to save the world not to condemn the world but you would not know that by going to your church.

Everyone has their own pet opinion, consequently, nothing can or will be accomplished.  Politics and religion are the two overriding problems for these two ideologies can be broken down into factions where everyone does that which is right in his or her own eyes.  Our beliefs and opinions are forged by many different factors not the least of which is our human nature.

Insert:  The definition of human nature is:  Freewill or individual personal freedoms, without moral direction fueled by the traits and characteristics of pride, which are Self-righteousness, Self-importance, self-focus, Self-interest, Self-worship and an overabundance of our perceived self-worth.  Because of these deeply implanted internal corruptions of our nature, the world is perishing.

Continuing: Our youth today have been taught that freedom is everything and have been educated to believe that protesting is good, for shouldn’t a society become a more Godly trusting society if we protest that which is wrong.  What should we be protesting; should not it be something for greater value.

Without trustworthy leadership, society becomes a mob. Without responsibility, the mob becomes revolutionary.  Without thoughtful leadership, we flounder, with no place to turn or to trust for safety.  We have thrown out of this nation the one we claim to have our trust in.

As a so-called Christian nation, we are not peaceful. Violence and discord is everywhere. Our cities are caldrons of hate and anarchy. Some claim that only their lives matter. Christians claim that only their lives matter to a segregating and a discriminating god.

“In God We Trust” is a national slogan, but we do not trust in the real God. It is on our money, it is in our speeches, it is predominate throughout this land and yet it is wrong, not only in concept but in actuality.

Our disgraceful religions have threatened the world with the “god of this world’s” approval. They have deceived the world without thought to what they teach, they intimidate with threats of brutality in a fictional place called hell.  Revelation 12:9., and Matthew 15:9.

“In God We Trust,” is a modern fallacy for we do not trust in the principles the prince of peace has laid out for humanity.  We only are interested in our own opinions and not Gods.

Because we do not know the great God whom we claim to trust, our nation is perishing. Our wealth will not save us.  Our great strength will not help us. Only the God we have kicked out can save us.

Because of our rebellion, both political and religious, he does not hear acknowledge our prayers and will allow this present-day rebellion run its course.

It is not going to be pretty.  Read Deuteronomy 28.

Proverbs 3:14, 17

Vs 13 “Happy is the man who finds wisdom,…”  

Vs 17 “Her ways (wisdom) are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace(ful).”

Isiah 59:8 “The way of peace they have not known, and there is no justice in their ways; they have made themselves crooked paths; whoever takes that way shall not know peace.”

Human Life, Does It Matter?

Regardless of who you are, does your life matter? Male, female, black, white, red, yellow, are you important and if so do you take precedence over others. Our religions are good about segregating the world’s population into their perceived importance with one belief system believing and teaching that their religion and their believers are the only ones that matter.

Do black lives matter? Do white lives matter? Do Christian lives matter? Do Muslim lives matter, etc., etc.?  The only honest answer is that “all lives matter.”

If all lives matter, who cares about all life?  Most all nations on the earth have believers who say that they are Christian. With 2.2 billion Christians inhabiting this planet your Christian leaders teach that, “only Christian lives matter to God,” and, unless you believe the impossible, you are nothing but a throwaway.

How is it possible that to God all lives are important? All that he created, he pronounced as “very good.”  Black lives, very good.  White lives, very good. Red and yellow lives, very good. How can that be, for haven’t we been taught that one is better than another? If that is so, which one is the best?

Our Christian leaders have threatened the world: unless the world becomes “Christian,” only then will their lives be important to God.  They lie to the world and say that God looks down on unbelievers and is so disgusted with them that he will brutally and relentlessly torture non-Christian believers for all eternity.  To be incarcerated for all eternity in a dungeon of pain and suffering would wreak havoc on the billions of minds, causing insufferable mental anguish and torture as well as the pains of eternal fire.  All this coming from a lying ministry perpetrated by the “god of this world’s ministers.”  Revelation 12:9 Matthew 15:9.

The Christian religion was commanded by God to take Good News to the world, instead, they have threatened the world with insufferable threats and in doing so have angered the world.  The Christian religion has so bastardized the good name of our creator while arrogantly claiming that only they are fulfilling his command of teaching good news.

The only news that Christian leaders take to the world is “believe or else,” while claiming that that is good news. 

The impossibility of reaching a troubled world, a world that has never heard of the one who came to save humanity, cannot be overstated.  How can you believe if you have no teachers?  How can you understand something that is not a part of your life? 

World deception has come from the pulpits of world religion.  The most egregious has come from the Colleges, Universities and Seminaries and by extension the pulpits of the so-called Christian faith.  They shamelessly teach that only Christian lives matter to God and all who do not believe are worthless to a loving creator.

If we believe that Gods personal nature, as explained in Galatians 5:22-23 is one of love, how can our Christian leaders teach against these loving principles?

Galatians 5:22-23.  As stated in the Voice. The Holy Spirit (God’s Spirit) produces a different kind of fruit: unconditional love, joy, peace, patience, kindheartedness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. You will not find any law opposed to these positive concepts.

The answer for our world’s problems are not difficult to figure out if you want to understand.  If we are to look backwards, we must begin with the world that God created, i.e., the Angels and their responsibilities as servants along with the creation of the physical universe and the eventual creation of humanity.

As self-directed beings, we have individual personal freedoms and because we are independent individuals, we can direct our own lives in any way we choose. This freedom makes us who we are and gives to us our personality.  Within this sovereign self-sufficient framework, there are obligations. 

If we are to have peace, there are certain requirements that govern the outcome for peace. If we are to live in a world without peace, then the requirements for peace are non-existent.

The downside of being self-directed is that we look at the world from our own unique perspective, i.e., from our life’s experiences, from our schooling, from our religions etc., etc.

If we are to “seek peace and to pursue it” it must come from our internal thoughts and actions. Mental responsibility is the key for this responsibility is required if we are to live at peace within Gods world.  Our tenure on this earth is not about the body it is about the mind and the control of the mind with a predetermined outcome for a peaceful eternal existence.  Our human bodies are what gives us mobility our Godlike minds are receptacles for wisdom, learning and understanding.

Lucifer rebelled because he forgot who he was and without humility toward his creator, he considered himself smarter and wiser than his creator and failed in his attempt to overthrow him. 

God has allowed this world to get to the state in which we find ourselves.  God placed our first parents on this earth with the “god of this world,” i.e., Satan.  He allowed Satan into the Garden of Eden and then he permitted him to infect our first parents with his attitude of self-centeredness.  From that time to this present day, the world has been filled with violence and discord without end.

Two thousand years ago, our Creator came to this earth, lived for over 33 years and then he allowed himself to be put to death in the most hideous and painful of ways to pay the penalty for the failings of humanity.

The flaws buried deep within our human nature were allowed, essentially designed into the system, so that humanity could learn the lessons that are necessary for Gods eternal world.

We are suffering and experiencing the consequences for our unchecked actions.  God has mandated that we live our physical lives with the nature of Lucifer for the express purpose of learning, gaining wisdom and understanding the consequences for not obeying the principles for peaceful co-existence.

Does your life matter? Does human life matter? The only answer is that God created humanity for the special purpose of teaching you and me the necessary requirements for his world.  We are his children and just like all good and decent parents, he is educating us. He is doing that by allowing us to live with the experiences of understanding the outcome when we refuse to live by his guiding principles of “love, joy, peace, patience, faithfulness, kindheartedness goodness, gentleness and self-control.

When we live by these principles there is no penalty for with them responsible actions are a way of life.

No person, political persuasion or religious system can truthfully claim that their beliefs are all that matter. 

The undeniable truth is that God is creating all humanity in his image and likeness, Genesis 1:26.  We are in the final stages of that creation process. Soon, we will know, without doubt, that all lives are truly important to our creator.

Genesis 1:26 “let us make man after our image and likeness…” and,

Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way in which they should go and when old they will not depart from that way.”


A few years ago I walked out to my vehicle and found my door window broken, still intact but shattered into thousands of tiny pieces.  I found a small BB hole in the lower right side and from this small hole the entire window hung on by a thread.  Perplexed, I opened the door and the entire window crumbled at my feet. The window became just a pile of rubble without purpose.  Shattered, broken beyond repair.

We in this nation are similar to this window for we have allowed anarchy and lawlessness to invade our lives in the name of justice.  Just as my brother, who is now fighting for his life because of the cancer within, we have lost the fight. Our nation is now fighting for its life.  We have become victims of our own self-indulgences and have arrogantly allowed our minds to become radicalized to the false narrative of injustice, when in fact we are losing this nation under the very real banner of self-righteousness.  Every person does that which is right in his own eyes and is willing to throw their homes, businesses and lives under the bus. 

Radicalization flourishes when we do nothing. To sanction evil acts is to give your nation over to the evil, which is quick to take advantage.

When we have so called “Christian” leaders who operate under the banner of Reverend and these leaders preach anarchy then we have lost all sense of who God is and what he wants. When “blessed are the peacemakers…” is no longer relevant then these charlatans of deceit flourish and prosper. They are not above the law of God for they lie while disregarding the many principles that God has laid out for peaceful coexistence.

We are now in the midst of a great spiritual civil war. The minds of our youth have been corrupted to the point where our future is now very bleak.  This present generation is quick to run to evil and to follow those who have become lawless.  The minds of this nation have been lied to and taught that freedom can be used in any way that our evil heart’s desire.

Our religions play a great part in this anarchy for their claim is that we can do any evil we desire and if we just say the magic words of repentance then God removes that sin and if we can escape civil punishment then God will allow us to continue, for now we have repented – until the next time.  We can walk around committing all sorts of evil and then repent only to continue to repeat this scenario repeatedly.

True Godly leadership is non-existent, not from politicians and not from our pulpits.  We are perishing because we are without righteous direction.  Our leaders are without moral clarity and refuse to change to a heart of love for fellow man.  When our leaders covet power, they will not change until they have attained that desired power.  When our religious leaders only look at the people they minister to as the “harvest” they covet, they have become truly intellectually lazy.  They have filled their minds with an overabundance of their perceived self-worth. The minds of our leaders have become seared without any real Godly knowledge or reasoning ability. To our religions words of repentance are more important than actions of repentance.

Just as “Black Lives Matter” have radicalized their members our “Christian” leaders have corrupted the minds of the Christian world by claiming that only “Christian” lives matter.  All others are only fit for the fiery and brutal eternal fires of hell. 

Joel Osteen has a seventeen-word prayer that he says, “If you repeat after him he believes you have been ‘born again.’”  To him, apparently, words are all you need to get into Gods good graces.  Franklin Graham’s prayer is somewhat longer but the outcome is the same.  Words matter, actions are apparently secondary.

The bullies of religion, who claim that only “Christian” lives matter, demand obedience to their perception of God.  The dilemma is that their perception of what God wants is impossible for the masses.  With God, all things are possible but with religion that is not true for it is only through obedience to a powerless god who will not listen is the key.  He is powerless to save because you must rely on something you do not know or understand.  Their claim is that your salvation is upon your own shoulders.

The senseless and failed leadership of our politicians and our religions have left us without hope for our immediate future.  Our children are the next generation to come along but the difficult thing to consider is that they might not survive because of the way our incompetent and spineless leaders are herding us. The cowboys of politics and religion driving us toward the cliff and we, as dumb cattle, follow to our own destruction. A time of “great tribulation” is about to consume this nation and the world.

If we change our attitudes and actions then God will hear our prayers but until that day, we are on our own. 2 Chronicles 7:14 14 “if My people, who are called by My name, shall humble themselves and pray, and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”  This verse is not about saying the magic words of contrition; it is about our nation changing its attitudes and actions.

If we the people “who are called “Christian” do not heed these words then great distress is about to descend on this great land.  We are now getting a foretaste of this anarchy but when the full force of evil descends upon this nation, the fall will be very great.

Some, to their own detriment, will rejoice for God is in the process of correcting this nation and its failed political and religious leadership.  We the people have been led astray.  Those claiming to be our leaders have not been beckoned by the great God, for they have been duped by the “god of this world.” Revelation 12:9 Matthew 15:9.

The real hindrance within this world today is a lack of understanding about what happened in the Garden of Eden.  Why did God allow Satan to enter the garden and why did he permit our first parents to be infected with Satan’s rebellious nature?

God’s Plan is for the salvation of the world. Did not Christ come to save the world not to condemn the world?  Christ did not come to save the physical world, he came to prepare humanity for the spiritual world.

What does the conflict we are witnessing today really mean and why is God allowing it to happen? To make the explanation very simple and concise; his reason is education, schooling and training for he, being our perfect tutor, is teaching humanity about the pitfalls of rebellion, a rebellious nature and what the catalyst is for rebellion.

Lucifer was created perfect but he had a flaw.  We are required to live, for a short period of time, with that same flaw so that we can get a firsthand look at the consequences that this flaw will bring. Just as Lucifer tried to destroy his perfect world because of his self-righteous actious of rebellion, God has mandated that we live with these self-righteous behaviors so that upon entering his world we will shun these prideful catastrophic deeds. 

If you look closely, you will see that we, just like Lucifer, are now trying to destroy our own nation/world.

Lucifer rebelled because he got his feelings hurt.  God had directed him to do the work of creating this physical world.  When he realized it was for Gods future purpose and not for him he became incensed. His rebellion stemmed from that self-righteous attitude and consequently he forgot that he was a servant created for Gods purpose.  Great War resulted in that world because of his arrogant and self-focused actions.

God removed him to the earth and then he created humanity. God said, “let us create man in our image and our likeness.” He placed humankind on this earth with the master of rebellion known as Lucifer/Satan.  It is obvious that God wanted Satan and humanity to coexist for a short period of time.

After some years, God allowed Satan into the garden and then he permitted him to infect or to corrupt the human mind with a rebellious nature.  God permitted and sanctioned that infection.

Since that time, this world has been troubled with wars, famines, infanticides, genocides, race wars, cultural wars, troubled marriages, etc., etc. These were all allowed for the express purpose of our learning about these pride filled traits and characteristics and for humankind to get a bellyful of the consequences. 

To be precise:  we are here to learn about a pride filled spirit and the lack of humility toward God and man that it causes.

Two thousand years ago, Christ came to this earth, lived for 33+ years and then gave up his physical life.  He willingly paid the penalty for the sin of humanity that he allowed and permitted.

Our world today is becoming more and more troubled. Conflict everywhere while the minds of the people have been blinded by the lies and subterfuge of leadership. 

This nation is beginning to fall apart and just like the window above, we are held together by the thinnest of threads and soon anarchy will give way to the most dreadful of actions. Nation against Nation, once again plunging our world into a time where no one wins.

We in this nation have played the fool for we call ourselves “Christian” but we are not. We have abandoned the great God and his principles for peace and understanding, instead, we have relied on our own wealth and mighty military to save us.

Peace cannot come for we have set our course just as Lucifer set his course.

Our nation is irretrievably divided and fragmented beyond repair. Shortly, we will realize just what Shattered really means for that is where we find ourselves today.  Broken beyond repair, we await the outcome.

A Great Spiritual Battle

As a great spiritual battle rages across this nation, we are facing the most perilous times in the history of the world.  This massive spiritual battle will eventually destroy this nation while we are powerless to stop it. This battle is being fought within the hearts and minds of this nation.  The venom spewing forth is truly unreasonable and downright evil.  Our “Christian” nation has sunk to new levels of disgust while God implores of us to, “clean up your act and I will restore your nation for if you don’t the consequences are upon your own shoulders.” (2 Corinthians 7:14)

Everyone believes their opinion is the correct one when no apparent answers exist.  The hatreds spewing from our airwaves would have been unthinkable just a few short years ago. The internet is filled with hate filled declarations and contemptable language.  The news media is a major player in our coming correction and when it comes, it will not be pretty. God is even now telling us to change our ways for if we don’t, things will escalate and this nation will eventually bow down before others.

Colvid-19, riots in the streets, China and its disruptive behavior, Iran and its hatreds, crime, mass shootings and too many more to mention, which brings us to a deepening grasp that:

As a Nation, we will not/cannot survive. Our days are now numbered; the handwriting is on the wall and no one to interpret.  Our nation has become too fragmented for survival.

Late night TV has turned into a hate-filled rant against this nations duly elected political leader.  If we as a nation are to survive then the attitude of this people must change, the problem is; where do we go for wisdom and, more importantly, do we want wisdom?  Wisdom and knowledge is non–existent and we as a people are floundering. We are sinking into this cesspool of hatreds and self-righteousness and there is no lifeline to help us out of this deadly quicksand. 

The false impression is that, we as a nation are “Christian.” This false belief is a lie because the One who came to save humanity no longer lives in the hearts of so-called “Christian” leaders.  The deception by these daughters of Baal has inflicted havoc on the world by their threats of eternal torture at the hands of their hate filled “god of this world.”

We have believed these hypocritical charlatans for they speak out of both sides of their mouths, saying, “Our loving god will save you if you believe, otherwise he will unmercifully and relentlessly torture you for all time.  Religion has much to answer for, for they are wolves in sheep’s clothing and through them, the world is living with the false assumption that they are the good guys when in fact they are the deceivers mentioned in Revelation 12:9. Their teachings come from their own deceived and intellectually lazy hearts: Matthew 15:9.

They teach that you ‘must give your heart to the lord’ when he, the one who created humanity and came to die for humanity, had already given his heart to humanity.  These unwise and unknowing blind leaders have led and have blinded the eyes of the world to the loving graciousness of our creator and soon they must pay the price for their arrogant and hate filled teaching about love and hate.

Our troubles today lie deeply buried within the nature of humanity.  God permitted or sanctioned our nature to be impregnated with Lucifer’s nature for our eventual benefit.  Remember, “all things work together….”

How can we define a nature with which we are so plagued? Obviously, this nature is a self-serving nature for why would people riot unless they had a belief that is opposite of the normal flow.  To become radical is a form of self-righteousness by claiming, “I am right and all others are wrong.” When this deeply imbedded belief takes root in a rebellious mind then we begin to be aware of the destructive power it has.

The definition of Human Nature is:  Freewill or individual personal freedoms, without moral direction, fueled by the pride-filled traits and characteristics of:  Self-righteousness, self-importance, self-worship, self-interest, self-focus and an overabundance of our perceived self-worth.  The troubles our nation is presently facing can be placed at the feet of this definition.

Our nature, fed by our religious beliefs, has made us the most self-righteous nation this world has known.  Our religions are the greatest of deceivers (Rev 12:9) and this full-fledged deception has come from the pulpits of this land.

The rioting we face today is a direct result of the radicalization of these traits and characteristics of our nature.  We have reached a time in history when there is no possible way for this nation to change and get on the proper path.  The right path is fully described in Galatians 5:22-23.

 The definition of God’s nature as defined in Galatians 5:22-23 is; unconditional love, joy, peace, patience, kindheartedness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. You will not find any law opposed to these traits and characteristics of love. 

When so-called “Christian” leaders race bait and focus on the negative rather than the positive, those who believe can become radicalized into a system that has no positive outcome.  Once radicalized, there is little hope for reaching a closed and militant mind. 

A significant number of the minority community have become radicalized because they have no true leaders while the remainder have fallen prey to the lies taught to them.  Their leaders, who claim they have a grasp on truth, are deceivers who have made their wealth at the expense of those who believe and follow. Most of these leaders pose under the banner of being “Christian.”

This great spiritual battle is reminiscent of the battle Lucifer perpetrated on his world.  His self-righteous attitude was built upon his belief that he had been taken advantage of and treated unfairly.  He believed that he could effect change by being rebellious, when in fact God quashed his rebellion.  When a nation or a people sets itself up as the arbitrator of truth then we must honor just where truth comes from.

Truth comes from the great God of peace, while he plainly states; blessed are the peacemakers for they will see God (in their actions).  When race baiters claim to be ‘Christian” while fueling rebellion rather than peace, is a direct affront to the great God they claim to speak for.

God has given to us the most important characteristics that he can give to an individual.  Lucifer had it and we have it.  That essential characteristic is free will or individual personal freedoms.  When we rebel against Gods laws for peace and safety, we abuse these personal freedoms.  Trouble and chaos will be the result.

Because Lucifer became rebellious, God removed him from his world and placed him on this earth with man.  God allowed him to become the ‘god of this world,’ for it was required for God’s plan to succeed.  His plan and purpose is for your future in his world, to learn that which Lucifer did not know or understand. 

He created man with his physical characteristics but his creating process was to finish his creation by developing our spiritual characteristics.  If you think that God could have made us perfect and with a full measure of freewill then all we have to do is to look at Lucifer’s rebellion.  He was perfect until his freewill led him to believe that he was unjustly used by his creator.  He forgot who he was, just as we human have forgotten who we are.

We are not on this earth physical and temporary for this life, we are on this earth to learn the lessons for our life to come in Gods world.  God’s purpose for you is for you to learn the lessons and to have them permanently imprinted on your mind so that when he removes the corruption (heals you) you were corrupted with in the Garden of Eden, your creation as a full fledge member of Gods world will be finished.  Until then, there is much yet to experience.

Just like Lucifer, we have become so filled with ourselves that we think that our words, actions and beliefs require no challenge, so as gods unto ourselves, we spew forth venom and in the process we are destroying ourselves.

Just as Lucifer and his minions were removed from his world, we are flirting with the very real prospect of being removed from this nation.  Our national sins have become a dead weight around our ankles.

The next step in our removal will be foreign interference for we have now made ourselves weak because of our division and the enemies of God and man will take advantage and inflict turmoil on our lives.  Read Deuteronomy 28.

This great spiritual battle is in full swing and will not stop until we have either repented, (2 Chronicles 7:14), or continue this rebellion.

The choice is ours. 


2nd Chronicles 7:14 (AKJV) 14 “if my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

What part of this verse is hard to understand?  We call ourselves a “Christian” nation. We are a, supposedly, “God fearing” people and have need of nothing, or so we believe. Because of our religions and politicians betrayal, we have become destitute even though we have everything. To “turn from our wicked ways,” does not mean to say the words of personal repentance, it means that real action is required.  It means that we as a person, a people, a nation and the world must turn from our loathsome behavior.

Those whose calling is to help have betrayed us, the people of the world!

Deceived by those who are disloyal to humanity about who we are and what our purpose is.  Defrauded by those who we should be able to turn to for honesty and understanding.

Our cities have become havens for crime and violence and we refuse to get a handle on the causes. With 330 million people in this nation and over 7 billion worldwide, that means there are over 7 billion opinions and attitudes that divide and not unite.

A single stick is easily broken but if we bundle many sticks together they become difficult to break and so is our nation and the world today.  Our politics and religions are the ties that bind those two ideologies. These two ideologies are where most of our difficulties come from.

A covid-19 pandemic has infected the world and has shut down the economies of nations.  Every leader has their own solution and this untenable situation will only get worse unless we begin to unite.  If things do not change very soon there will be a growing anarchy or rebellion from within.  Rebellion comes from deeply held self-righteous feelings of my way or the highway.

Franklin Graham tweets by the thousands that we must pray; pray for what, ‘that God will fix us.’ Well he has not, for there is something that we must do first.  BGEA preaches to the world that we as individuals must repent.  What should we be repenting of?  We can repent of certain actions or change our bad behavior but we cannot change our nature.

When Jonah went to Nineveh, the message was primarily to the people but it was through their leaders.  Godly wisdom and guidance is what we so desperately need.

A couple years ago, Franklin Graham traveled to all 50 states and prayed on the steps of their capital buildings.  He prayed for peace but peace did not come. If the prayers for peace are to be answered the parameters God has laid out for peace must be respected. 

Humility toward God is demonstrated by our actions toward our neighbors, i.e., love your neighbor as yourself and do unto others as you would have them do to you. These are basic principles, so simple and yet meaningless to a dying world.

BGEA descended upon 50 states and preached a message that had no meaning and prayed to a God who will not listen. His arrogant self-righteous attitude, apparently, was that ‘he could get God to listen.’ Well this bigshot is and was wrong.

Not only has our religions treated Gods children as fools they threaten them with eternal brutality if they do not listen to the hypocritical pronouncements of these daughters of Baal.

Politicians and their thirst for power has become a dead weight around our heels for they have thrown this nation overboard in order to gain access to that which they so badly covet.  They covet what they are not entitled and by any means are willing to destroy those who are entitled.

Lucifer did the same thing to his creator, he coveted Gods throne and attempted to take it by force.  Lucifer, just like our politicians, had no love for his creator and our political leaders have no real love for this nation.

God has begun the process of bringing this nation to its knees.  This pandemic and the aftermath will, most likely, leave this nation in a place of deep helplessness.  This hopelessness has already reached young families who have very little money and children to feed. The brutal agony is taking its toll.

Politicians and religion are the main culprit for they have forfeited reason and love for the people so that they can achieve whatever they desire.  The mouthpieces for this despicable behavior is our late night television.  They have become embolden to spew forth to the millions who watch, their hate filled words, without thought to what might be the outcome to their homeland.

Is there a difference between a late night TV host calling our duly elected leaders vile and despicable names, or, our religious leaders who teach that God is nothing more than a despicable and ruthless torturer, for those who do not blindly follow?

We are truly in deep danger, for our betrayal is monumental.  Revelation 12:9 and Matthew 5:9

As this insurrection on the American people, perpetrated by our arrogant politicians, continues, New York City, in my mind’s eye, is going to become a wasteland.  Make no mistake about it; our politicians are at war with the people of this land.

Our religious leaders and our politicians are soon going to feel the brunt of their arrogant disregard toward the people they swore to lift up and to help.  They will soon reap what they have sown.

Jezebel, fell from the window and was eaten by dogs. Our arrogant and self-righteous politicians and religionists are not safe from Gods wrath, even though they cite scripture. With precious little understanding, they have become a mockery to the good book they so arrogantly misquote.

Where Do We Go From Here

There are people in this nation who hate those who will not believe or follow their lead.  This belief can be anything, but primarily it is religious and political in origin. Our world is weary.  There is no end to the chaos spilling out of our airwaves, confusion that infect and depress our lives.  Evil has spread its cancer and now we are forced to live with a madness that infects our world.

Our world today is in a state of panic and confusion. A plague of pandemic proportions has swept this planet and measures that have been taken has brought to a stop our businesses and everyday life.  Covid-19 rules our lives and within the past couple of months, it has derailed our way of life.  Because of this unacceptable lockdown, the people of this nation are becoming more and more restless.  Without jobs, our cherished possessions are beginning to crumble.  Food, our main worry, still seems to be plentiful but we worry just how quickly that could change.

A domino effect is taking place.  Failures within our supply chains could very quickly bring this nation to its knees.  Only God knows what the future holds but instead of listening to him, we have kicked him out of our societies and have told him to ‘stay out of our lives.’

The disrespect that our purveyors of comedy and news have for the people of this nation is abdominal. Late night TV feels it is perfectly okay to call despicable names those who are charged with resolving this evil scourge.  Demented and self-righteous minds attempt to destroy those who are in the position of responsibility, those who have been charged to work for the resolution of this plague.  Our powerful stand before the people of this land and belittle those they consider inferior.

Daily, the gulf is widening. The point of no return has been reached for God is now in the process of a major adjustment to the self-righteous attitude of this nation.  The slide toward the abyss is happening at an ever-increasing pace and just like a blind person reaching the edge of the chasm we are powerless to see what lies ahead.  The disaster coming upon this world has been in the making for some time and at a point, in the not too distant future, nothing will stop it until we crash into the crevasse.

The destruction of the World Trade Towers was a wakeup call taking upward of three thousand lives, the Covid-19 has already taken over sixty thousand lives, what next; will it be millions?

When there is no knowledge or wisdom, the people will perish.

Our technical achievements are astounding and yet we have anarchy everywhere. Our knowledge about the universe is detailed and has allows us to understand, to a certain degree, just how our world was created and yet, we do not know who the first cause is, or who created it or allowed it to be fashioned in the way in which it was designed.  We know it was God but do we really know or understand who he is. Don’t be so sure you understand.

We give lip service to a great Creator and have our faith, and yet we do not fully believe in his power or in our need to be subservient to his rules for a peaceful and a productive life.  Our humility toward him is non-existent and we are about to pay a very expensive price.

If we are to understand why our Creator is allowing our world to descend into this time of attempted suicide we must know why he created us physical and temporary in the first place.

In other words: what has he established as his purpose for human physical and temporary life?”

Our minds are very much like his but we fail to see the significance of that fact.  We have sent people to walk on the moon, have sent deep space probes and have a roving vehicle on the surface of Mars, and yet we know nothing about our purpose. 

We have religion and religious leaders this world over and their mantra is to ‘follow them.’ “If the blind lead the blind, we all will eventually fall into the ditch.”  Our leaders have become willingly blind for they will not lift a hand to try to understand God’s purpose for human life.

Our religious leaders have been educated in the finest Universities in the land, have attended Schools of divinity and Seminaries and still they do not know why we exist in the physical?  Is this intellectual laziness or has their God given curiosity been deadened?  Intellectual curiosity should be the reason for our Universities and schools of learning to exist. 

Our religious beliefs have been placed into a safe box that religion refuses to opened, for to question our religious leaders about certain doctrines, they self-righteously and purposefully ignore and block those inquiries.  Apparently, they consider that only a heretic would question their long-standing beliefs, not considering their responsibility toward the children of the God they claim to represent.

Belief, they implore, is the important thing.  Believe my way, they say and I will lead you home, says the blind leader.  Take my hand and I will show you the way says the blind man. I know the way so just trust me.

Religion is like a basket with hundreds of marbles, and the only way you can be in Gods good graces is if you are lucky enough or brought up in the right religion, to pick the right marble, for there is only one true marble.  What does the marble look like, we cry out; cannot tell you for you must pick, they say.  If you do not pick the right religion, your punishment will be in a ruthless and brutal dungeon of fire, for all eternity.  Sadly, that is your religion at work.

Our world is filled with religious hypocrisy and human chaos.  The inroads have been so pervasive that there is no going back to a simpler and a gentler world.  A world where people love their neighbor and are humble toward their creator.  A world of purpose and a world leading toward a future with the Creator.

Where do we go from here?

We are learning the lessons of a self-serving world and because of our self-important and pride filled attitude, there can be nor will there be any turning back.  We have reached the point of no return for our starting point has disappeared and we are heading full steam ahead toward an elusive and frightening destination.

Elijah, A Man for our Time

The man Elijah had a message from the great God to the religious leaders of his day.  Just as today, they would not listen for they had no concept of who God is or what he wanted from humanity. This great spiritual battle has been ongoing since our first parents were confronted in the Garden of Eden. Today is no different.

Baal, the religion of that day has survived over the thousands of years and has made their area of influence the nations of our world. This great universal belief system has made itself powerful enough to mete out punishment for those they judge as heretics and claim the power to forgive human kind of its sins. Their form of worship is through rituals and threats for unbelievers whom they identify as unacceptable to their god.

The religion of Baal was headquarter on the seven hills of ancient Rome and the modern day version has continued that deception.  Hundreds of years ago, Martin Luther, a priest of ancient Rome protested about some rituals and concepts of this massive worldwide religion and departed, taking away many of its followers who then became known as Protesters, i.e., protestants. From that day until now the world has succumbed to this massive deception. Her breakaway naked and willingly ignorant daughters are devoid of wisdom are exposed before the God they proclaim and has continued that dishonesty.

These religions have built their palaces of trickery on the backs of those who blindly follow. Today, there are houses of Baal, posing as Christian, on every corner proclaiming not the good news required by God, instead, they threaten the world with eternal brutal consequences for those who do not follow. Revelation 12:9 plainly states that, “the world has been deceived by this false religion,” who masquerades as Christian. They deceptively “teach for doctrines the imaginations of their human leaders.” Matthew 15:9.

The Anti-Christian belief system has become the largest of religious systems with over 2 billion followers and has continued from the pulpits of modern day Christianity.

In 312 AD, the Emperor Constantine realized that the Christ who came to save the world was gathering a major following with miracles happening in his name, so by subterfuge, he renamed the Baal religion as Christian and from that day this small flock was absorbed into the great false Whore who sits on many waters. (Many Nations)

Revelation 17:1 There came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying to me, Come here; I will show you the judgment of the great whore that sits upon many waters:

Revelation 17:15 He said to me, the waters which you saw, where the whore sits, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues.

Revelation 17:18  The woman you saw is the great city that rules over the kings of the earth.”

This modern day message of Elijah is being delivered to our present day religions who masquerade and deceive by falsely claiming to be the messenger of Christ. Christian denominations who have Television programs, Facebook and Twitter accounts reach many millions on a daily basis and still they refuse to look into the origins of their, obviously, deceitful doctrines.

The lack of intellectual honesty coupled with rational understanding cannot be explained when you preach a message about love that has hate filled threats as the consequences for not believing.

By their fruits, you shall know them.

For over seven years this message has been delivered and instead of looking into the matter, they block and mute the message.  These pastors and evangelists are not interested in the spiritual welfare of the millions they reach or the greater harvest open to them. On a daily basis, they prove that they are not the messengers God’s has chosen, for they lack honesty in speaking for the people of the world. Unlike the Bereans, these Baal/Christian leaders, without noble character, break multiple commandments and reap the financial benefits as well as adulation from the public.

Acts 17:11 Now, the Berean Jews were of more noble character than those in Thessalonica, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true.

By their fruits (lack of tenderness for the people of the world), they shall be known.  They throw the stumbling blocks of belief before the people of the world, even when the world is not capable of believing these arrogant pastors and evangelists of the “god of this world.”

“This generation shall not pass until all be fulfilled.” The start of the process has already began. The worldwide pandemic of covid-19 will have repercussions unheard in the history of the world for in just 30-60 days the world has come to a standstill. Millions out of work. A congress who is hell bent on destroying the present day leader, who by the way, God placed in his high office.

Nothing can be taken for granted. Behind the scenes, we have had an influx of enemy who are opposed to the US and we, as a self-righteous and arrogant nation, refuse to see. Those who are charged with our education; education about God and his good news for humanity have blinded our minds.  We look to these religious experts to point the way and because we falsely believe they are God’s servants, we follow. The god of this world has blinded our eyes and has done so through the pagan universal religion posing as Christian. We have fallen into the clutches of this worldwide deception for we do not wish to be challenged with the evil of our own nature. Jeremiah 17:9.

We, the people, have been deceived and the universal blame is because our religions have refused to teach about a God of love. By making their god after their own flawed perceptions, they refuse to look closely at their teachings.

God, speaking to these religious charlatans says: “Repent and teach what I have commanded you. ‘Cry aloud and spare not and show my people that their transgressions have led my children into this perilous time in the history of humanity.’”

The start of our nation repenting must begin within the pulpits of religion and the houses of government. Repentance is not about getting on our knees asking God to forgive us of our sins, it is much deeper. Our great sins are national and international in scope and to repent we must have a leadership with a humble outlook toward the great God who created humanity for his special purpose. A leadership to lead the way.

The world is in desperate need and that need will be fulfilled if our religions begin to preach an honest message about hope for a dying world.

Our human nature is a self-centered nature, self-righteous to the core and without a humble thought for the vast human population.  We only consider the world from our own perspective and not the perspective of the great God. A God who gave himself so that you might live.

Soon, God will show this world that he is sovereign and his plan for humanity was set billions of years ago and is not contingent upon your belief.

He, God, is in charge of your salvation, not you. Your personal behavior is up to you.

The message of Elijah was to the false religious leaders of his day. Christ called the religious leaders of his day hypocrites and snakes, taking them to task about their practices. This end time message is to the religious leaders of our day and soon Christ will himself explain, directly, about this world’s deception and who is to blame. The responsible party is the spiritual entity known as Satan, “the god of this world,” while the great deception has been delivered by his servants, the world’s religions.

Revelation 12:9  “…the great dragon was cast down, the old serpent, he that is called the Devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world; he was cast down to the earth, and his angels were cast down with him.

A Letter to the World

Our nation today is involved in a lockdown. The covid-19 virus has taken over the world with hundreds of thousands infected and thousands who have died from this pestilence. The real understanding has eluded us for to explain is to speculate. Why are we suffering from this illness and what are its causes. Our national wealth and power has not spared this nation from this destructive incursion into our world.

China, apparently, has been the point of origin for this dreaded worldwide virus. We in the United States are now the leaders in this terrible infection and very likely to soon be the leaders in its death toll. Is there anything that we can do about it?

The Center for Disease Control has pulled out all stops and has done a magnificent job in fulfilling the physical needs, i.e. supplies necessary to treat this potential calamity. Testing has reached a heroic point and, seemingly, we have reached a point where human effort has reached a crest unknown to human health endeavors.

My purpose for this article is not to sing our praises although they are warranted, my purpose is to attempt to explain why our Creator has allowed this virus to spread and to elicit fear to the world’s nations.

We worship a God who we do not know. It is becoming more and more apparent that our God is not listening to our prayers. We have refused to listen to or adhere to his precepts and concepts for peaceful human behavior.

2 Chronicles 7:14 14if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

We as a nation have become the most arrogant and self-righteous nation this world has produced. We have taken a message to the world directly opposite of what our creator has instructed our religious leaders to do. Instead, they have threatened the world with eternal punishment that is akin to brutality and torture from a loving God. Does that not strike you as an oxymoron? Merriam-Webster definition: “a combination of contradictory or incongruous words.”

Nationally known TV, radio and movie personalities have become so dedicated to hate that their display is tantamount to sticking their middle fingers into the face of their creator.  The disgusting things they say, the foul language that they use and the overbearing self-righteous attitude has reached a peak unheard of just 20 years ago.

Our national identity as a Christian nation is no longer valid, for we no longer identify with our creator for we have thrown him out of our Churches, Seminaries, Colleges and schools of biblical understanding. Instead, we have aligned ourselves with “the god of this world” and his mother church, “the Great Whore,” as described in Revelation 17.  

Revelation 17:1-2 “Come, I will show you the judgement of the great whore who is seated on many waters, 2with whom the kings (political and religious) of the earth have committed fornication (with the ‘god of this world’), and with the wine of whose fornication the inhabitants of the earth have become drunk.” 

This great “Universal/Catholic whore” has been the instrument of world deception and her illegitimate daughters have followed in their mothers footsteps. The depths of this trickery is unimaginable.  Revelation 12:9

Over the past seven or eight years, a prophetic message has gone out to the world and the world has ignored that message. 1 Peter 4:17 clearly states that “judgment is about to begin on the leaders of our failed and incompetent religions.”  

Franklin Graham has recently ran ads on National TV stating that if we say a few magic words of contrition we are then “saved.”  Saved? From what?  Kenneth Copeland has now given the evil of Covid-19 until March 29 at 12:00 pm to depart, but it has not. Our religions have gotten too big for their own britches and have failed to explain the sins that our nation faces. Sins that have separated us from our Creator.

Isaiah 59:2, “…your iniquities (harmful human behavior) has separated you from your God; and your sins have hidden His face from you, so that He will not hear.

Like most things, Human Behavior has been the cause.

We, as a so-called “Christian” nation, have been shooting in the dark. Franklin Graham recently traveled to all the 50 US States, praying on the steps of our nations state capitals for peace, but peace did not come. God did not listen to his self-serving prayers, for his purpose was a selfish endeavor to get people “saved” and into his flock.

James 4:3 “You ask and do not receive, because you ask amiss, that you may spend it on your pleasures.”

We as a nation have proven that we are not a humble people.  How responsible we are to one another is what humility demonstrates. Our national self-serving sins have reached the nostrils of the great God and unless we get on our collective knees and humble ourselves, we are doomed. Destined to experience some very painful lessons in the near future.

Our political parties have reached a level of incompetence where their motive is not to selflessly serve the people of this nation, their motive is to wrest power for themselves and to usher in some kind of utopia formed only in their corrupted minds. Divide and conquer has replaced a love for our creator and fellow citizens.

A covetous mind will do anything that will enhance its desire to take by force that which they are not legally or morally entitled. Such is the mind of our politicians.

Our religions, of which there are many, are no different. They teach ungodly doctrines of their own interpretations of scripture. Matthew 15:9.  Revelation 12:9 states that we have been deceived, but religions feel that it does not apply to them.

“The human heart is desperately wicked,” Jeremiah 17:9. That scripture does not get any honest consideration for our religions consider their hearts to be pure. They have deluded themselves into believing the great liar, “the god of this world.”

The depths of this deception will overwhelm the mind of a serious inquirer for truthful understanding. Without the ability to find truth and understanding, we are lost to truth, having nowhere to turn.

We are sick unto death and yet there is good news for the future, for God will eventually step in but first the immediate future is rife with fear and trepidation unless we as a nation get on our collective knees and change our illicit behavior.

Repentance must first begin behind the pulpits of our religions and, by extension, our houses of congress. Our political leaders are the ones who make the laws. Laws to satisfy their constituents while ignoring clear understanding of right and wrong. Our religions should be the ones who guide this nation in what our creator requires for the behavior of his people.

Religions mandate from God is to “cry aloud and to spare not,” has been ignored and substituted by threats of eternal torture for not repeating the so-called saving words of contrition.

Religions refusal to answer very serious and probing questions proves that they are incompetent and useless to the mission of our Great God.

Prayer: An Open Letter to Congress

  Recently, in our unhallowed halls of government, there has been much talk about prayer. What is prayer and how should it work?  Do we pray for our enemies or do we pray about our enemies. How do we pray; from a humble attitude or from an arrogant self-focused point of view? Should we pray for their demise, or that they will see things our way or should we pray for their proper success. What is our responsibility toward those for whom we pray? Is our motivation for prayer that others will see things from my perspective?

Within our nation every one, it seems, prays but as the good book states, they pray amiss. They pray against the will of God. They pray from a contentious attitude and a spiteful remorseless spiritual condition: against such, there is condemnation from the giver of life.

Prayer for peace within our nation should begin within the hearts and minds of those who pray, for no prayer can be effective if it does not begin with humility, a certain meekness coupled with human action. God is not going to answer our self-serving prayers, for it is not his job to fix that which we have the ability to fix ourselves. Prayerful action must begin within the mind: a humble mind that desires peace, safety and hope and wishes to spread that love for one another.

God has laid out guidelines for our prayers and those precepts for peace begin with the command to “love your neighbor as yourself” and “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Those instructions are incorporated within the Sermon on the Mount. They are amplified within the precepts and concepts for peace as well as the traits and characteristics of God’s nature. All has been magnified in the “fruits of Gods spirit.” Galatians 5:22

The Beatitudes, Matthew 5

Christ said:

(A partial list)

Blessed are the poor (humble) in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Blessed are the meek (as spelled out in the “fruits of Gods nature,) for they will        inherit the earth.
Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, (a righteous person is a humble person as defined as how we treat one another) for they will be filled.
Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.
Blessed are the pure in heart (a pure heart is a meek and humble heart), for they will see God (in their actions).
Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.

God’s Nature should be our guide.

We must also see and put into action the fruits and concepts of God’s nature: “love, joy, peace, patience, kindheartedness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.” Galatians 5:22.

If we want peace, we must first look deep within our personal attitude, for peace must begin with a human desire for peace: A human action coupled with a heart dedicated toward peace.  In other words, peace comes from a loving spiritual attitude for peace.

If we are willing to live within a nation racked with discord, we must be willing to live with the potential of losing our nation as we know it.  There are nations and people in this world who are willing to live in bombed out shells for homes and their cities. Some people are willing to live in rubble just to prove they are right or to self-righteously mollify their hatreds.

Effective prayer comes from within the hearts and minds of humankind.

Recently a well-known minister went to all the capital cities in this nation praying for peace; but peace did not come. They considered God would do for them what they refused to do for themselves. They refused to look inward.

Our nation is broken and nothing will fix it until we begin to take seriously the concepts and precepts that God has laid out for peace.

Until then, more of this downward spiral toward extinction is in our immediate future.  

As children of our Creator we are out of control, and just like Dad and his discipline, we are in for a good ass whoopin.

Those in our government are not humble neither in thought, action nor in deed.  Hatred is a death sentence for this nation and those who claim the high road are guilty of taking the low road.

The death of our so-called “Christian” nation is at stake!

Wayne L. Clevenger aka L. Wayne

To Teach or to Torture

What is God’s purpose for creating humanity physical and temporary? Why did he give to us a lifespan of approximately 70 years plus?  Therefore, what is his overall purpose for you and me?

Is God a loving teacher or is he a brutal god who, religion teaches, will become your eternal tormentor for non-belief?

Was not Christ referred to as a teacher?  Has our religions so befuddled our minds that we believe them when they call our creator a brutal and merciless bully.  Where is this brutal and heartless god’s love for humanity? Where is his patience with you when you get off the track? Where is your peace when you know you have committed some kind of atrocious deed?  When he looks at you is he as kindhearted as you are toward your children.  Does he hate you enough that he would torture you in hell for all eternity? 

Wouldn’t you say that “there something wrong with this picture!”

When we are educated into a certain profession, we are in the process of perfecting our minds into that discipline. When God created humanity physical and temporary his purpose was to perfect our minds. The perfecting of our minds is taking place within our daily lives by seeing and living with the traits and characteristics that caused Lucifer to rebel.

It is obvious that seventy years is a small figure when compared to eternity while it is also obvious that 70 years is not nearly long enough to take a religious message and to get enough converts from the masses to satisfy God. What is enough?

Clearly, there must be something amiss in this whole scenario of going to hell for not believing.  Can belief be used as a proof? Doesn’t proof require something more?  Should not common sense be used as a starting point for finding answers to this quandary of love vs hate?

Would a place of incarceration in a dungeon of fire, devoid of love and laden with suffering for eternity, be a questionable doctrine?  Would a God of love teach the unknowing about that which they could not learn because of their physical circumstances? 

Think for just a moment; is God a being of great love and mercy as spelled out in the fruits of his spirit.  We all know that belief cannot be used as proof; the requirement is much more than opinion masquerading as truth.

What is God’s nature: God says his nature is love, joy, peace, patience, kindheartedness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Galatians 5:22.

What is love? Appreciate, Affection, attachment, devotedness—Merriam Webster

What is hate? Abomination, loathing, rancor. –Merriam Webster

Is your god a hate filled being who has nothing but loathing and rancor for you if you do not believe?  You must believe that if you follow religious teachers.

Within the listed fruits of God’s spirit, can you find one that would allow for eternal anguish?  Can we conclude that hell, as referred to by religion, is a despicable fabrication and a fallacious lie?

When Martin Luther rebelled against the great pagan church, he brought with him this horrible doctrine. Our ‘protestant’ religions have gladly taken this putrid doctrine and have incorporated it into their most important moneymaker. They have built their palaces of deception on this one doctrine designed to frighten the masses into following them.  Follow me they say, preserve your future from this eternity of merciless torment.

His obligation to you the created, is borne by our creator for he is in the process of finishing your creation to become a perfected being.  Your future is to live in his world with a full understanding what is required for a peaceful eternal life.

When these words were uttered in Genesis 1:26, “let us create mankind in our image and after our likeness,” he was not depending on you to do the right thing, he was depending on himself to do the right thing.

Our creator allowed Satan into the garden and then he permitted him to infect our first parents, and ultimately all humankind.  The infection that happened in the garden corrupted humankind with the traits and characteristics of the irresponsible attitude of Lucifer/Satan. All that has transpired since that beginning is directly attributable to that infection of our nature.

Again, he allowed and permitted it that cancerous infection and his purpose for you and me require him to absolve us of the natural occurrence of that which he allowed.

In our immediate future, our religions are faced with a fork in the road. Change this doctrine and at the same time begin to search the scriptures to find the truth.  The good book talks about hell but in all references, it refers to the grave. Eternal death is the reward for humanity because of our sinful or despicable nature. Christ’s life on this earth and his sacrifice was to pardon and to absolve humankind of this earned penalty.

God’s plan was/is to teach humanity about responsibility, responsibility based on the fruits of God’s nature, i.e., love, joy, peace, patience, kindheartedness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Galatians 5:22.

Our religions who take the spurious and a despicable lie of eternal torture to the world are responsible for the continuation of this threat to humanity.  Swollen with their intense sense of righteousness they, with a straight face, will look you in the eye and say, “repent or be tortured.”

It is difficult to believe that they, who claim to love God while claiming that they are his servants, could be so dunderheaded. Humility is not in their wheelhouse or in their goals, for their objectives are to get you to follow them. They have building funds to finance, egos to caress and bragging rights as to their loyalty to the “god” whom they worship.

If God is teaching humanity, he gets everyone. If God is using threats of eternal torture, not only is he a monster, he is ineffective.

Wayne L. Clevenger aka L. Wayne

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