Another ill-fated attempt

As a country, we are on a disastrous path toward destruction.  We give lip service to peace and security and yet we are clueless as to how to achieve that goal.  Peace, peace, we cry out and yet, there is no peace.  Surely, there must be answers?

Where do we find these elusive answers?  If we are a Christian nation, shouldn’t we consult God for answers? Is it true that we should obey his words for peaceful existence if we wish to ensure peace?  We have been led down this path toward an outcome that is unimaginable if we are to continue our present direction.  If God is on our side, when will he come down and save us from ourselves? 

A few short years ago, @BGEA headed by Franklin Graham, organized and headed up a #DecisionAmerica tour in which they traveled around this country praying on all the state Capital steps.  They ask God for peace and to come down to save us.  The thing most alarming is that; he did not.  Our world today is in much deeper trouble with no positive signs of positive change.  What was amiss in that first national foray toward @BGEA’s attempt to coerce God to bring his children peace?

To put it bluntly: God did not look kindly on that attempt to strong-arm him into intervening.  He has laid out the guidelines for human actions, actions designed to bring about peaceful results.  No amount of coercion will change the fact that we as a nation have discarded his principles and concept for peace.

If you want to have friends, be friendly.  If you want to be loved, be loving. If we want to be Godly then we must put on that robe of goodness exemplified by the fruits of Gods character.  Galatians 5:22-23 unconditional love, joy, peace, patience, kindheartedness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. There is no fear of eternal damnation in these characteristics of God.

Because we have thrown out these traits and characteristics of our Creator and in the process, we have divorced ourselves from him by thinking that we can do it on our own.  Our congressional leaders have made a mockery of their office in the eyes of God and the only way they will change is for God to permit a massive series of corrections.

Isiah 1:15 “No matter how much you pray, I won’t listen. You are too violent.” Contemporary English Version

Matthew 6:5 “When you pray, don’t be like those show-offs who love to stand up and pray in the meeting places and on the street corners. They do this just to look good. I can assure you that they already have their reward.” Contemporary English Version

@BGEA, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, has taken a message to the world designed to gain a few converts.  They have been deceptive by threatening the world with eternal torture for not complying. Rev. 12:9, Matt 15:9. This arrogant and self-righteous organization has taught a despicable doctrine to the world and the world believes that God is a frightful being who will be unforgiving and merciless.

We have Christian shepherds and ministers who race bait and teach that a racial divide is threatening their community rather than expounding on the Beatitudes; blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall see God in their actions.  Our religions have deceived the world as explained in Revelation 12:9 and Matthew 15:9.  Our religions cannot be trusted to guide this people toward peace for their failures are enormous and glaring.

The Billy Graham Evangelistic association is now planning another ill-fated attempt to persuade God to intervene.  Just like the first attempt, this one will be a massive failure for the leadership of this organization are not humble before their Creator.  They arrogantly try to force God to intervene by their many prayerful tears. He will not respond to their ill-fated attempts.

Franklin Graham’s hapless prayer march 2020 is doomed to failure.  If this self-righteous organization were to elicit God in a humble manner, realizing that he alone is the future and his concepts and precepts for peace are eternal laws, then he would respond. It is our actions that have thrown these Godly rules onto the trash heap that will be our undoing. 

The whole head of this country (including religion) is rancid with emotional and a self-righteous attitude that illustrates the present mental state of this nation.  Our leadership is broken beyond repair and the only way for this world to be fixed is for this arrogant and self-important leadership to be replaced. 

The troubles this world faces is not about your religion, your faith, your national origin and your society or culture beliefs:  It is about our human actions.  If we want to live in a peaceful world, we must change our self-serving actions.

Even a Godless society can be peaceful if they live by the principles and concepts for peace that God has laid out for humanity.

Franklin Graham recently wrote on twitter:  Our nation is in trouble, & we need God’s help. Make plans now to come for #PrayerMarch2020,” Graham, president of the Christian charity Samaritan’s Purse and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association,

My answer to Franklin Grahams endeavors to coerce God to intervene.

The uncalled for arrogance of Franklin Graham in thinking he can by-pass the principles and concepts that God has laid out for peace is astounding.  If we pray hard enough, cry copious amount of bitter tears, try twisting Gods arms to intervene, he surely looks at this arrogant organization and says to them: ‘I have given you the way toward peace and you have discarded them.  I have explained to you that to believe in me you should be showing true signs of humility realizing that you are frail, pitiful and powerless.  Your prayers are useless, for you will not humble yourself.  You claim that I, a God that cannot sin, will brutally torture billions for not following you and your organization. Who are you to pronounce eternal judgement on the world?  Who gave you that power?’

‘You, Franklin Graham, have not humbled yourself before me and therefor your prayer march 2020 is doomed to failure.’

Why have we Forgotten?

Why have we forgotten that we are the children of our Creator? Why have we put aside the need to be responsible toward our brothers and sisters?  Why do we refuse to be a nation that “God is for?” There are many answers to these questions and yet the answers seem to elude us in lieu of our own personal opinions.  

How can God be for us when we have proclaimed our independence from him? We have thrown him out of our nation and have proclaimed; “Our reliance on him is over.”  God has given to us our great wealth and position in this world, not because we are a righteous people, but because he placed on our shoulders the responsibility of taking his message of “good news” to the world.

Instead of taking that “good news” message to the world – our religions have threatened the world if they did not comply.  Our religions have placed the responsibility for our salvation in our own shoulders when in fact it is Gods responsibility to save his children.  Our beliefs are counted as nothing when compared to what God is doing for you and me.


When our creator conceived his plan for expanding his spiritual world, they (the Godhead) took a hard look at what was going to be required.  To be like him the first objective was to have a people with what is known as free will or individual personal freedoms.  These freedoms must be tested in the hearts and minds of God’s children so that they would fully understand the necessity of responsibly conducting our actions. How was God to accomplish this seemingly impossible task?

God created a universe of unimaginable size to give his children understanding of just how powerful he is. In the process of our creation, he has placed obstacles in our path that would bring out the learning process for the greatest amount of learning in a short period of time. This process requires a lifetime of living in this physical and temporary world with the impediments continually getting in our way. 

From the beginning, Gods plan was to create humanity to be a mirror of his nature and likeness.  This process was to “teach humanity the correct path they should take if they wished to live a peaceful and accomplished life.  The major goal was and is to teach humanity about God and the requirements for entry into his world.  All the obstacles we face must be addressed with a full measure of free will or individual personal freedoms.  God has set in motion the mechanism and it is up to human beings to use their freedom to self-direct to react to these stimuli.

In the beginning God said, Genesis 1:26, “let us create humanity into our image and likeness.”  Those were not idle words; they have specific meaning for humanity. Not only are they accurate in a physical description but they are a spiritual description of what is to be; i.e., God says he is a God “who cannot lie.” Humanity has no guilt about lying.

“Train up a child in the way which they should go and when old they will not depart from that way.”  Proverbs 22:6.  By combining these two verses, it becomes obvious that Gods purpose is to teach his children and to perfect them into his image and likeness. 

Moreover, God said: “Let us create humanity to become like us in image and likeness. We will do so by “training/educating” them and showing them what is required of them in our world. When they are in our world they will not depart from that way because of their training.”

As a parent, you are to educate your children. Consequently, God has given you, a parent, the responsibility of preparing your children for this world; he has given himself that same responsibility of preparing his children for his world.  The plan and the method is surprisingly simple. It is a plan we live with on a daily basis, our lives and Gods life is centered around this purpose.

After God created humanity and placed our first parents into the Garden of Eden, he then allowed Satan to enter and permitted him to corrupt our nature. He allowed this corruption because it is the nature that caused Lucifer to rebel in his world.  God’s plan was to, eventually, come to this world, to live and to die in the most extraordinary way, to pay the price and the penalty for that which he allowed and permitted in the first place.

Since the beginning, this world has come full circle, twice. The first time was in the “days of Noah.”  The second time is just ahead.  The “days of Noah” were rife with troubles of which we are limited in our knowledge of that time.  We in this day and time are living “as in the days of Noah,” so we can get a fairly good idea about those ancient days.

In Noah’s day, God destroyed that society with the flood while today we will destroy ourselves by our own hand if God doesn’t intervene.

Our corrupted nature is a massively self-centered nature.  A nature without humility toward God and without love for our fellow man. Of course, we love our children, family members, and a professed love for God, but that is a self-centered love: a love that pleases us.

The depths to which our nature will take us is broadly written in the actions of humanity. Our political systems are self-serving and arrogantly perceived to bolster our political ideology and to make it the only way in the eyes of its believers.  Religion is much the same way. Religious ideology has promoted themselves as the ones who speak for God.  With so many different religious beliefs, which one is the true religion?  They all claim they are, but are they.

The nature of humanity has brought the world to a crossroads.  Can we heal ourselves and by that I mean, “Can we change our national and individual actions to be more peaceful.” The answer, because we have no humility toward God and our fellow man, the answer is no, we cannot change our nature.  We can change some of our actions but our nature we cannot change

Today we are gearing up for the biggest clash this world has ever known; paling into insignificance the two world wars and all the continuing wars that humanity has always fought.  We waste our blood and treasure on something that will make no difference in the end.  Maybe temporary change but nothing permanent.

Why have we forgotten?  We cannot forget something that we have never been taught.  This nation, with all its wealth and educational institutions have failed in realizing the depth of God’s purpose for humanity.  We bow down before ourselves and worship our opinions and pronouncements as wisdom and ignoring the one who has the ability to grant wisdom. 

How can we forget that which we have never known?  Soon, “every knee will bow before God,” not because we must but because we deeply desire too.

Without Moral Direction

Without hope for repair: Why is our great country broken? Answers are non-existent. We have dictionaries to explain the meaning of words.  Thesaurus to clarify word meanings. Bible commentaries to explain the good books writings while along with colleges, seminaries and churches on every corner, answers seem to elude us.

We are seeing a precipitous decline in our nation’s moral values. Our unhallowed halls of congress have become morally impoverish while closing their minds to reason, peace and love for brother. They have bankrupted their institutions and place blame on others. It has not become “of the people, by the people and for the people,” it has become ‘for our party and our beliefs are all that is important.’

When a nation adheres to the words of a great President and we believe we have a government “of the people, by the people and for the people,” then we, as a people, should realize that those words should be relevant for this present society. Why have we gone so far off the moral grid is a dilemma we must come to grips with.

God has laid out before us the necessary learning tools that our creator wants us to understand. His methods for getting humanity to that point of wisdom is to allow humanity to live for a time “without moral clarity.”

Definition of Moral:  “holding or manifesting high principles for proper conduct.” i.e., virtuous · good · righteous · upright · upstanding · high-minded · right-minded.”  ·or “a person’s standards of behavior or beliefs concerning what is and is not acceptable for them to do.”  These principles are a direct opposite of what our nation is going through. Where is the clarity on the causes of this nation’s trouble?

Our nation is broken without hope of repair apart from our creator’s direct intervention. We are broken because our morality, as a nation, is lost on our self-centered desire for personal satisfaction and desire for money and power.  We covet what we do not have or are entitled. We vilify those who have those things we dishonestly demand for ourselves.  It becomes any method will do as long as we get what we want.

The most precious thing we have is a mind comparable, in a limited way, to our creators. Although limited because we are physical, our creator has given to humanity the gift of freewill or better said, “Individual personal freedoms.” These freedoms without a responsible right-minded direction cannot last forever.  For a nation to be successful, our mental direction should be one of service to a world who has been constantly told that there is no hope unless we believe or seek something we cannot understand.

Moral direction must be viewed as personal actions while being driven by a mind that understands the need for personal responsibility.  We can know the meaning of words describing ‘moral direction’ but how many of us really know and understand the depths to which these words will take us. It becomes imperative that we recognize within our own minds what moral responsibility is and why it is necessary.

We have falsely claimed the role of being “Christian.”  By ignoring the principles for peace and disregarding the fruits of God’s spirit, we are Christ followers in name only.  We shun his words of peace, “Blessed are the peacemakers, do unto others… and love your neighbor as yourself,” for in a self-worshiping society these words are not relevant.  We shun the right and proper direction for something short-term. 

True love, or moral direction, is a reflection of the nine qualities of who God is: Love, Joy, peace, patience or longsuffering, faithfulness, goodness, self-control, gentleness and kindness. These are the qualities our Creator has toward his brothers and sisters. It is impossible for him to threaten you with eternal brutality and still adhere to his loving character. Our religions have broken down, for their claim of moral superiority is laughable in lieu of their description of a brutal and torturous afterlife.

Moral direction is not just a belief it must be a way of life if we, as a nation, are to survive.

2 Chronicles 7:14. “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

Matthew 13:15 (NLT) “For the hearts of these people are hardened, and their ears cannot hear, and they have closed their eyes— so their eyes cannot see, and their ears cannot hear, and their hearts cannot understand, and they cannot turn to me and let me heal them.”

Billy Graham and now his son, who has inherited his father’s organization, are in competition with other religious organizations, claiming that their way is better.  God is not torn into fragmented pieces. He is one God and he never changes for he is what he is. This world’s religions, spearheaded by the so-called “Christian” belief system, have placed themselves in direct conflict with the creator of humanity. 

God is not in competition with the one previously known as Lucifer and now known as Satan.  Religion says you must believe before God can or will save you: truly an insult to the Creator of the universe and humanity. Religion says that God will brutalize you for all eternity, in direct conflict with his character as explained in Galatians 5:22-23.  Religion says your salvation is on your own shoulders for it is not possible for God to save you unless you believe some preacher. With God stating plainly and clearly that with him there is ‘nothing is impossible,’ religion says, “not so, not so.” He cannot and he will not save you unless you jump through some impossible religious hoops.

If we are to worship him in “spirit and truth,” then we must look at what that expression means to humanity.  We should paraphrase and restate that we “must worship God with a humble spirit and truthful understanding and his reasons for human beings to exist.

Our nation is in deep trouble brought about, in part, by the absence of morality. We are not going to survive unless something is drastically done.  Apparently, we do not consider it is important to be morally in tune with God and his principles of love and peace.  We have thrown away a peaceful society for something more sinister.  We have an impoverished attitude that, ‘if we can get that which satisfies our appetites then we will be happy.’  As long as we can get what we want in every aspect of our lives, it makes no difference from where it came, is our mindset.

We have become a nation without a moral direction or courage and no one to teach or show us the correct path.

God has designed and set a plan in place to transform humanity into spiritual beings that will live forever in his world.  God has given us a short lifetime in order to prepare humankind for eternity.  He is the potter and we are the clay.  He is molding humanity to be like him by transforming the human mind into a likeness of his mind and our image like his.

Soon, God will say that it is finished:  The trials and tribulations that this world has endured will be a thing of the past.  We will be “born again” or born the second time into his world.  Our first birth was physical and our second birth will be a spiritual birth into his eternal world.

“By his stripes we will be healed” of the cancerous corruption of our nature by which Satan, the god of this world, corrupted humanity.

Oh, by the way; God allowed and permitted this corruption of our nature.  His plan was for humanity to learn the necessary eternal lessons that Lucifer did not know or understand. God allow the corruption of our nature and then, surprise, surprise, he came to this earth, lived a physical life, endured this physical existence and then he willing gave his life.  He gave his life in a horrible and difficult way to absolve and forgive humankind of that which he allowed.

God’s plan from the beginning is/was to prepare you for his perfect world and this process was designed to instill within humanity a perfected mind, like his.

Spirituality, What is it?

 What is spiritual and can it be defined?  The word spiritual has been used in many different ways, typically to explain our feelings or attitude.  So, what is it?  Some will say they feel ‘spiritual.’  Many have a ‘spiritual experience.’ Church leaders talk about God and ‘we must worship him in spirit and truth.’ From reading a meaningful book to a life experiences, we have become or felt spiritual. What is spirituality and where does it reside in the human psychic.

The Free Dictionary says, “Having a mind or emotions of a high and delicately refined quality, or pertaining to the mind or intellect.”  In addition, “closely akin in interests, attitude, outlook, etc.”

Spirit or spiritual can be more closely defined as our human attitude: the force that drives our thinking, emotions and actions.  It is frequently attributed to a Godly attitude about God and our relationship with him. If it can be attributed to our human thought process, it can also be ascribed to be an evil spiritual mindset. Lucifer was a spiritual being and his attitude toward his creator became an evil spiritual attitude of rebellion.

There is ‘a spirit in man’ and that spirit can manifest itself in both good and bad ways. Spirituality then can be both good and evil.  Good like God is good or evil as Lucifer/Satan is evil.  It resides in the mind or buried within our thought process.

A true God like spiritual attitude is described in Galatians 5:22-23.  As stated in the Voice; The Holy Spirit (God’s Spirit) produces a different kind of fruit: unconditional love, joy, peace, patience, kindheartedness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

The antithesis of God’s spirit is described in Galatians 5:20 (NLT)    idolatry, sorcery, hostility, quarreling, jealousy, outbursts of anger, selfish ambition, rebellion and division. This second definition is a limited look at our human nature.

The human mind is the repository for our spiritual attitudes and determines how our body is going to react.  Our religions are supposed to be explaining about God and his renewing of our minds but they refuse to accept anything that would cast light on their own ‘spiritual’ concepts.

The Catholic Church, the mother of all so-called Christian religions, has influenced this world and her protestant daughters. The mother church has spawned wayward daughters that left the mother church in protest and call themselves Protestants.  These daughters of the ‘great whore’ have carved out their own special place in today’s world.  They have no understanding of the fruits of God’s spirit because the fruits, i.e., traits and characteristics of Lucifer’s nature, have hijacked their nature.

The rotten fruits of Lucifer’s nature, as shown above, must be placed at the feet of the definition of our human nature. Which is:

“Freewill or personal freedoms, without moral direction, fueled by the traits and characteristics of pride, which are; self-interest, self-importance, self-righteousness, self-focus, an overabundance of our perceived self-worth and self-worship, etc.”  These traits and characteristics were the cause for Lucifer’s rebellion in his world and the root cause for mankind to be sinful in our world.

Our nation is irretrievably broken and is in the process of destroying itself because we have leaders who have no interest in peace and security for the people of this nation.  Their own focal point is to take by force, if necessary, the crown of world leadership, much like Lucifer did in that ancient spiritual world.

Because God has allowed this nation, the leader of the free world, to become embroiled in the massive corruption in which we find ourselves, we must ask the question: are our leaders following the precepts and tenants of God’s spirit or are they following the traits and characteristics of Lucifer’s evil nature, i.e., his spirit of rebellion?

If this nation, the nation that God has chosen to take the good news to the world, is not willing to change and to fulfill the responsibility that God has chosen them to do, then God will have no alternative but to allow this escalation in violence to continue.  This escalation will continue until the results will be felt by every man, woman and child. The world will not be spared, for the fight will continue for control until a very real war breaks out. This, the most arrogant and self-righteous of all nations, will soon feel the wrath of Gods correction we have so arrogantly brought upon ourselves.

This life is serious business and because we have not taken this life seriously, we are primed to reap the whirlwind.  We have sown the wind, squandered our good name and special calling for something that is not permanent. Our calling, we have wasted for something that can be blown away in a strong wind.

If one has a mind to see, the handwriting is on the wall. Our religions should see and be able to interpret that message, they cannot, because their area of influence is splintered and scattered into various and competitive beliefs systems.  Systems that have no understanding or knowledge of God and his purpose.

God pronounced evil on the kings and queens in the ancient world for disobedience, today is no different. God does not change. A good example is Jezebel, who was told by the prophet that she would be fed to the dogs: eventually, she fell from the window and a pack of wild dogs ate her, thereby fulfilling the prophets warning.

Our leaders, both political and religious will not escape unscathed.  God is perfectly capable of doing to them what they are trying to do to this nation.  They have had every opportunity to change.  They say they are Christian and yet their actions show that they are not.  They bow, not before the great God but before evil in the hope that they can gain benefit from the evil one. Our nation does not humbly bow before the great God; we instead, bow before evil entities whose desire is to destroy and to vilify this nation.  Our leaders are in the midst of an evil spiritual breakdown. We as a nation bow, not before our creator but before the god of this world. The god of this world has become our god and our church leaders are oblivious to that fact.

Church attendance brings no understanding or change: instead, it becomes a mockery.  They claim a holier-than-thou attitude while refusing to do what they were instructed to do: taking the good news to the world.  Honestly, they do not know what the good news is and by their failures, they apparently do not care.

Without a loving leadership, the days of the USA are numbered.  China, North Korea, Iran and Russia just to name a few, are even now plotting to destroy this nation. God has not yet given them the okay for he is giving this nation one last chance to change our ways.  Will we change: it is highly unlikely?

God gave Nineveh a last chance to change and they did. God changed his mind and allowed them to live.  There are no Jonah’s in religion to carry the message.  They fight for their small self-righteous area of wrong-headed influence.

Our nature was corrupted in the Garden of Eden and now after thousands of years of rebellion we are now poised to destroy ourselves.  We have thrown away sound doctrine or soundness of mind for the insanity of rebellion geared to destroy our homes, our families and our lives.

We have become spiritually destitute and our minds have been corrupted by a Godless and irresponsible society.

We can only hope for the best, but unless we change, we must prepare for the worst: our impending destruction is at stake.

The Killing

The assault on our nation has reached a critical point. We no longer see the end of the tunnel; all we see is more violence and a very real prospect for our lives to be forever altered.

I have written many articles about anarchy and now we see it in its maturing stages.  Evil destructive forces are at play at the same time we are facing a worldwide pandemic. Alliances are being formed that will lead to worldwide troubles. China, Iran, Russia, N. Korea just to name a few.  Where do we go from here and is it possible to save ourselves.

What this nation needs is a cohesive and vigorous leadership geared to the saving of our republic. A leadership whose purpose is to bring peace to our cities and our nation. What we have instead is a leadership so fragmented that nothing of value can be accomplished.  We, as a nation, are troubled by the incessant hatred leveled at anyone who wishes to restore a society to its original successes.

Our cities have become a fertile swamp of hatreds for this nation, while their leaders lift not a finger to restore peace.  As a nation, that claims to be a “Christian” nation, we prove daily that we are not. Our rebellious leadership has corrupted the minds of this nation. We are irretrievably broken.  The good book plainly states that, “a nation divided cannot stand or continue to survive.”

Where is a loving leadership? The answer; it is drowned out by the incessant criticism of people who have no responsibility while coveting power.  Our government is powerless in its effective use of force to quell the rioting.  We have means at our disposal to break up these anarchists but we refuse to use them for fear that we will be called unthinkable names. 

“Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead,” should be our leaders cry, but it is not.  Cities, being overrun by radicals, should confront anarchists with water cannons as one means of quelling the riots but will not, because that might be a wicked thing to do in the eyes of a self-righteous and self-serving leader.

Our religious leaders have become the most disgusting of all.  Political leaders only rely on themselves and their flawed political beliefs.  Religious leaders are supposed to lead this nation in a moral direction and contribute to the understanding of whom God is and what he wants from mankind. However, they will not, instead, they flout their own views of their god and plead for people to believe their way.  They shun any involvement in the moral dilemma this nation is facing for if they anger any of their followers they might not be able to count the number of followers that their false god demands of them.

The @BGEA, The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has well over 5 million followers on social media enjoys a great deal of influence over the minds of its followers. They arrogantly will not assess their failures from the past and humbly look at their message.  They will not respectfully look at scriptures that say, “…the whole world has been deceived,” Revelation 12:9, or Matthew 15:9 “…teaching for doctrines the commandments of men…” God will not hold them blameless for their betrayal.

God is a God of love.  They claim this “God of love” will brutally torture those who do not accept his love as described by BGEA. Who is their god of love? This organization has corrupted the minds of their followers in the concept of love for a God of great power. A root of his power is his love for humanity.  There is not one smidgen of love in torture. Only a grammatical fool would say there is.  God does not sin and he hates sin, but their god is sinful, for religion claim that he will brutalize unbelievers in much the same way that this worlds despicable leaders have brutalized their followers.

BGEA is not the only culprit, for this nation is filled with seminaries and schools of biblical learning and understanding and not one will give an inch in accepting the fact that this great God of love has something better than they offer. Their arrogance and self-important message is to learn from them when in fact their flaws, the great God abhors. 

This nation is in desperate need of a national return to civility.  That does not mean that we should say some self-serving phrases that religious leaders have concocted but a very real and forceful change in our attitude and actions, for our lives depend on it.

We vilify others: God does not. We hate: God does not.

We are told in 2 Chronicles 7:14 “if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

Our religious leadership is non-existent.  We call ourselves “Christian,” but we are not. Until we get a grip on ourselves, we as a nation are in the killing fields of our own making.  We are in a circular firing squad with our guns trained, in effect; we are poised to kill ourselves.

Our days for survival are down to a precious few. Anarchy is taking our eyes off the ball as a major worldwide crisis is brewing in foreign capitals of this world.  We, the USA, will not survive without major damage.  Our fate has been sealed.  The cancer within has reached the point where the patient cannot survive.

Hope for the best if you wish, but unless we immediately change, expect the worst.


Our world today is reaping the rewards of our failed and catastrophic human nature. An avalanche of hostile opinions has cascaded down upon this nation and without hope of change; we rush headlong into the chasm ahead. Our leadership has failed, for our political leaders have joined the fight to destroy this great nation. Their desire is to remake this great nation into their own image.

Our behavior has reached a level in which this nation cannot change on its own. We, as a nation, have graduated from being narcissistic in our behavior to megalomania.  Strong words, you might say, but enough to set our course toward destruction.

Narcissistic behavior is very prevalent in our political parties for responsible conduct is nonexistent.  No one, apparently, is prepared to follow the rules for peace, for we fight and vilify each other and are willing to throw the “baby out with the bath water.”

Megalomania and Narcissism are serious mental illnesses and yet like all physical illnesses there are degrees of severity.  Today, our nation finds itself in the throes of these mental abnormalities and without strong counseling and proper antidotes/correction, these illnesses will continue to get worse in our national psychic.

Our political leaders whose arrogant and vile hatred is produced from an indefensible deeply held belief born from a hatred that cannot be satisfied.

Kenneth Copeland, a Televangelist, has call down the dread covid-19 virus and  pronounced Gods curse on it and ordered it to  go  away, but it is still here. This person calls himself a prophet and yet a prophet is one whose words come to pass.

The arrogant and defiant leader of the BLM has arrogantly told this country to change to his way of thinking or they would bring this nation to its knees. The leaders in major cities across this nation have become spineless buffoons for they are polluting their nests with outrageous and truly unsavory actions.  An animal is smarter than these people for animals will not foul their own nests.

The insanity of narcissism (a simple definition-excessive love for oneself) has reached levels of megalomania (a simple definition-obsession with the exercise of power), and nothing, let me repeat, nothing will change the minds of these people so infected. Nothing can nor will get in their way to destroy their home for some kind of demented hope that they and only they, can ‘save us now.’

This nation has worshipped the freedoms we have to the point that we claim the right to have no responsibility toward God or our fellow man. We claim the freedom to vilify and to hold in contempt those who do not agree with us.  We are not humble, for the lack of humility, love, toward God and our fellow man is nonexistent.

Our religions “stand tall” for their beliefs and yet they vilify the great God they claim to serve.  They teach that he is an evil self-righteous monster who requires your belief and acceptance and if you do not follow some insipid minister, he will throw you into a dungeon of fire and torture to spend eternity writhing in pain and to suffer unspeakable brutality.

This vain and ungodly teaching is not only breaking one of the Ten Commandments, it is downright ridiculous in its concept.  They hold their followers captive by these teachings.

Franklin Graham is on TV giving an alter call to the nation, when he should be discussing our human nature and why we have it and the necessity of being responsible toward God and fellow man. He isn’t, he wants you to accept his belief and save your own soul (life) and leave the rest in God’s hands. Doesn’t work that way. If it is possible for God to save the world, Franklin Graham and BGEA has become useless to God.

Human actions is the catalyst for sin. Not everything we do is sinful. Sin is what comes out of our mouths and our actions.  A truly humble mind is less sinful than an arrogant and pretentious self-worshipping preacher.

Sin, simply said, is actions that are harmful to yourself and to others.

What is the cause for humanity to be sinful is the relevant question. That question can be summed up in the definition of our human nature. Megalomania and narcissism are excessive offshoots of our nature. Therein lies the answer to our present day troubles. First a definition of our human nature.

Definition of Human Nature: Freewill or individual personal freedoms, without moral direction, fueled by the traits and characteristics of pride, which are: Self-righteousness, Self-importance, Self-focus, self-interest, self-worship and an overabundance of our perceived self-worth.

Megalomania and narcissism are the excessive actions of these traits and characteristics.

Our nature is the problem. We, because of our worship of our personal freedoms, have over time descended into this abyss of a self-serving human race and nothing can get us out of it without a massive correction. We have sown the wind and now we are beginning to reap the whirlwind.

Our immediate future is very bleak for when this trouble is behind us there will not be many of us left on this earth. We are attempting to commit suicide for we have poisoned ourselves with our behavior.  Just as sure as taking a lethal dose of poison, unless we come to our senses, we as a nation will die.

We cannot continue for the wolf is at the door, the handwriting is on the wall and unless we immediately change, the next few months will continue to spiral downward.

Deuteronomy 28, the blessings and cursing chapter, lays out what will happen if we follow Gods rules for a peaceful life while, also laying out the curses for not following.

God doesn’t immediately cause these things to happen he allows them to creep upon us like the frog in the beaker.  Our religions should have been the one to foresee that we were getting out of control and now it is too late. 

Our fate is sealed. They say the coronavirus is spiking, is this the one that the Book of Instruction, Deuteronomy 28, mentions; time will tell.

This book of blessings and cursing is a book for all generations for not every one of these blessings and cursing happen all at once. They are a continual message and a wakeup call for the inhabitants of this world.  We have seen all these blessings and cursing’s in the nations of this world and we, the most fortunate of people, are about to experience, full force, these plagues and difficulties.

Our job was to warn; now we will suffer the consequences for our arrogant failures.

The Dangers of the Last Days (NLT)

2 Timothy 3 “You should know this, Timothy, that in the last days there will be very difficult times. For people will love only themselves and their money. They will be boastful and proud, scoffing at God, disobedient to their parents, and ungrateful. They will consider nothing sacred. They will be unloving and unforgiving; they will slander others and have no self-control. They will be cruel and hate what is good. They will betray their friends, be reckless, be puffed up with pride, and love pleasure rather than God. They will act religious, but they will reject the power that could make them godly. Stay away from people like that!”

The Impossible

Mark 10:27.  “With men it is impossible, but not with God; for with God all things are possible.”

What does it mean to say that, “with God, all things are possible.” Is it possible that he, being the great God, has a plan for all humanity? Is it possible that he could have intervened in the affairs of humankind and set the world on the right track? Is it possible that he has the ability to change our present day struggles and remove them or to cause them to go away? Is it possible that he is powerful enough to change our circumstances? If he is powerful enough and all things are possible with him, why hasn’t he intervened in the course of human events?

A few years ago, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association @BGEA, led by Franklin Graham, traveled to all our States and prayed on the steps of these State Capitals.  He prayed for peace, he prayed for intervention, he prayed that God would come down and straighten out our mess, and he prayed for forgiveness. His efforts were useless and arrogantly conceived, thinking that he and @BGEA could get the attention of the great God, so that his prayers would entice this great being to fix us. It did not happen. With God all things being possible, he could have, but he didn’t.  Why?  Was it impossible for him to accomplish such an enormous task? 

The answer is, God was not listening. Franklin Graham prayed for the wrong things, he prayed arrogantly and without humility, thinking he could get Gods attention. John 4:3 “…you pray and don’t receive, because you pray with the wrong motive,” BGEA is not humble before the great God, they demanded and God refused to listen.

The lack of true humility has doomed the existence of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, for the day will come when they will no longer exist. They exist by their continued teachings of the failed doctrines of the past and refuse to take advantage of knowledge readily available to today’s societies. They are useless to God and his purpose for humanity.

Billy Graham, an iconic figure in the history of the religious world, taught that our problems are caused by sin, but he also threatened that the world must repent of sin, or else.  He did not teach the masses about where sin came from or what caused humankind to be sinful; he taught that we must repent of something we do not understand or know anything about.

Sin has a cause, the catch is not that sin is bad and harmful, which it is; the question becomes why are we sinful?  Human behavior egged on by our nature, is the bellwether for our being sinful.  So why are we sinful? Sin is exposed by our human actions. A tree is not sinful. Animals are not sinful.  Only humanity, an individual with freedom of thought and action, can be sinful.

Our religions do not talk about human actions, they spend millions on literature and media strong-arming or threatening the world to repent of our sin and accept their belief, when that is not even remotely possible for the vast majority.

Is it possible for God to save the world, he said he could.

Our self-serving religious organizations claim that God cannot save the world without them leading the way.  Follow them, they cry out.  Learn from us, they teach. We are here to light the path to salvation and disclose the path toward destruction, they promote.  Our religions have so exalted themselves to the point that they believe that they sit in the seat of Christ and Christ can do nothing without them.

For you to be accepted by God, religious charlatans threaten you with eternal punishment for not complying with their edicts. They threaten with the treacherous and brutal fires of a place called hell.  Religions portrayal of hell can be a frightful place for those who believe these religionists.

I was listening to a well know pastor whose message was about hell. His portrayal was nothing less that scary to his listeners, if they were believers.  I suppose some were hanging on every word wondering what they could do to escape this brutal, merciless and torturous place that he was explaining.  His description had nothing to do with a loving God but everything to do with an arrogant impostor who was trolling for followers.  “If you can’t get them with love, threaten them with torture,” was this hypocrite’s message to his listeners.

Merriam-Webster: Hypocrite: a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion.

The hoops that religion requires you to jump through before God will accept you is unrealistic and downright impossible.

Is it possible for God to save the world, if so, how will he accomplish the impossible?  God has placed into effect a simple, practical and logical plan for saving the world.  He doesn’t have to threaten you with torture. He does not require from you absolute beliefs.  He requires of you nothing. His hope is that you live peaceably with your fellow man and to exhibit the traits and characteristics of his nature.  Gods training is for you to learn the lessons for our life to come, by living with the failures and successes in this life.

He has given humanity the outline for a government to enact certain rules for human behavior and allowed for punishment when those rules are broken.  He has given humankind the Ten Commandments, and those have to do with human thought and their effect on our actions. 

If we are to explore the possible we must first understand our purpose, for the possible cannot be divorced from our purpose.

Genesis 1:26 “let us make man after our image and likeness…” that is our purpose. The possible is how he is going to accomplish that mandate he has laid out for himself. He, being the architect, is creating you, me and the whole of humanity into his “image and likeness.”

Just how will this great creator accomplish his goal of creating his children into his image and likeness?

Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way in which they should go and when old they will not depart from that way.”

God is in the process of training you, his sons and daughters, to be like him and he is doing that job by allowing humanity to experience the way that brings about chaos.  The most effective way for human kind to learn is by our failures.  Our success will only fuel our egos; our failures show us that without a supreme guide we are helpless.

This life was not placed into existence for our personal enjoyment or accomplishments, we were give this temporary life so that we could learn the pitfalls of what caused Lucifer’s rebellion and the chaos it brought to that world.

Our human mind is the receptacle for learning and it is attached to the spiritual, not in a physical way abut by an unspecified spiritual link.  Not a ‘soul’ that religion confuses the world with, but a human spirit that becomes the source for remembering our training.

We are learning, not only from our own personal experiences but when we are taken into our creators world our minds will be opened so that we can see all the atrocious and disgusting actions this world was forced to live through.

At that time, God will heal humanity of our cancerous nature and restore his sons and daughters to their rightful place in his world.  By his stripes we will be healed.

We have a future awaiting and it will be marvelous, but first, our training will continue until God deems that, “it is finished.”

Mark 10:27.  “With men it is impossible, but not with God; for with God all things are possible.”

Is the Bible Useless?

On my twitter page and posts on Facebook, I see posts that quote some scripture or another.  “For God so loved the world…” “God never changes” “He is love,” etc., etc. Religious organizations must have people who grind out these verses and, seemingly, post these verses either to encourage followers or to convict the sinner.

What is the problem with that, you might ask?  On the surface nothing, but digging a little deeper could be helpful. @BGEA or @700CLUB et al, it seems that they feel they are doing the job of taking to the world information about the great God of the universe when in fact these out of place and isolated verses have no real in depth meaning to the reader. Most of these posts we have seen countless times, so we look past them without any thought, for in depth discussion is nonexistent.  If “God so loved the world,” what does that really mean?

If God loves the world, what can be said about his love for the world?  Did Christ come to this world to save the world he created or did he come to save just a fortunate few. If that is the case, what does love have to do with those whom religion judges as unfortunate?  Are they throwaways without hope for a peaceful future in their creators’ world and relegated to the torturous fires of a non-existent place called hell?

I have seen parents whose children have been captured by terrorists and these parents will do anything possible to save their child. They don’t ask the child if he believes them or that saying a few words in a letter home about their belief that they love the parents.  They don’t bring up the rebellious past of their children. None of that is relevant to a loving parent, for this parent will even go as far as to sacrifice their own life to save that child.  The parents of these captured children will do anything, even though the children do not know or understand.  Loving parents will pull out all stops and go any distance to save that child. That is love. God is love. 1 John 4:8 

God has pulled out all stops so that you will be taught the necessary knowledge and understanding for his world.  Knowledge that Lucifer did not know nor understand.

A major fault of religion is buried within the term of love.  Saddam Hussein was a person who loved his family and followers but who was very capable of ruthlessly torturing those who did not trust or believe in him.  He considered them his enemies.  Even though religion does not use these words, down deep they teach that if you do not trust their god or believe in him he will ruthlessly and brutally torture you for eternity.  Religion cannot nor will they attempt to reconcile these two different beings. Saddam and religions god are very similar in their disgusting character.

John 3:16 The Voice (VOICE) 16 For God expressed His love for the world in this way: He gave His only Son so that whoever believes in Him will not face everlasting destruction, but will have everlasting life.

The so-called “Christian” religion is hung up on the term belief when belief is subjective.  Do you believe the Catholic version, the Baptist, the Methodist version or Jehovah’s Witness; what should you believe? That question needs an answer.

What is “saving” belief? What if you have never heard of the saving belief theory or who you should believe on.  How can you accept that which you have never heard of?  How can the world come to belief?  If Christ came to save the world, how could he accomplish that most important function with so many conflicting theories about him and his purpose for humanity? 

Why would this great being, the one who is our creator, discard billions for non-belief? Isn’t it is fully within his power and purpose to save the world: isn’t that what he said? John 3:16  Why would this great being of power and purpose ruthlessly and brutally torture those who had no ability to accept what religion claims is saving belief?

A discussion between the Great God and our Creator about the future of the spiritual universe would most likely discuss the creation of the future inhabitants of that world.  What, then, would be the necessary requirements, standards or principles for our entry?  Part of that criterion would be, to understand the reasons why Lucifer rebelled and the aftermath of that rebellion.

These two great beings created a physical universe and made the in habitants physical and temporary.  He made humanity so that we would live for a few years and then we would expire and another generation would come along and then they too would die and make room for the next, etc., etc.  As this continued the world’s population grew very quickly and today we are over 7 billion strong. The overall effect is that there are many billions more who have already died and no longer exist.

What makes it important is that every single individual has lived and experienced this life in all its glory and chaos.  We, every single individual, have experienced the “good versus evil” that God warned our first parents about, i.e., the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Genesis 2:17. I only require that you abstain from eating the fruit of one tree—the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Beware: the day you eat the fruit of this tree, you will certainly die. (Death, not eternal life in a place of torture.)

God placed our first parents into the Garden of Eden and eventually allowed Satan into the Garden.  He permitted him to tempt and to cause Eve to eat of this tree of “Good versus Evil.” At which point she took this “fruit” to Adam and he too ate this forbidden fruit.

From that day forward, from our first parents until now, this world has been troubled.  Wars and rumors of wars. Nation against nation. Gender against gender, race against race, good against evil demonstrating that Lucifer’s way of rebellion produces nothing but hate and confusion.

Gods purpose from the beginning was/is too teach humanity, by mandating humankind to live with the nature of Lucifer and to experience the consequences of a self-centered existence.  The design for our teaching was placed in effect by God placing humankind into the Garden with Satan, who had become the “god of this world.”

When Lucifer rebelled, he had no understanding about self-centered conduct.  He had no concept for the necessity of responsible actions for living peacefully, he only knew that he wanted what he wanted and his anger egged him on until he created a war in the spiritual world.  God threw him down to this earth, allowed him to be the “god of this world” and, within boundaries, allowed him to infect our first parents.

Because our creator allowed our nasty and evil nature to flourish, the only way we could enter into our creator’s world was to have a member of that Godhead to sacrifice his own life and to pay the price for our rebellious human behavior.

If Christ had not sacrificed his spiritual and physical life for us, we would all perish with nothing left, not even memories, i.e., death for all time.  With his sacrifice, he paid the price and the penalty for our human evil actions and at his time in the future, we will inherit his kingdom.

The plan was monumental, purposeful and has eternal positive outcomes.

Humanity was born to be in his world, not because we have accepted some belief or another but because he is teaching humanity the negative results of Lucifer’s rebellious nature.  A prime example: look at our government, rebellious and self-centered.

The creating process for you and me will be complete upon our deaths, for only then will we be accepted into the world God has created for you and me. Only then, God will have completed his creation of you and me into humble beings fully loyal to God our father, be finished.

Is the Bible useless?  The answer is clearly, No.

The Bible has been used and exploited to substitute fake and deceptive beliefs for the real ones. A misguided clergy has failed in the job the great God has commissioned them to do.  Their assignment was to teach about love and the hope for humanity. Instead, they have taught a hate filled series of lies about eternal torture and acceptance of something not possible. They teach things that they themselves are not capable of.  From those who threaten, turn away.

The Bible is not for just the “Christian” religion, it was written for humanity, the whole of humankind. 

For Christs came to save the world not just the fortunate few.

In God We Trust

Today, we find ourselves at the beginning of a massive attempt to obliterate this nation. We have no fundamental rules for peace, for harmony comes from a creator who has given to humanity guidelines for peaceful co-existence. Our money says “In God We Trust,” but do we?

If we were to trust God, then should we not be living by his living principles for peace, but do we have peace?  The answer, of course is no, we have no peace for our nation is falling apart.  The way of peace we do not know nor do we understand, for that is the function of our religions.

The United States has been at the forefront for attempting to take peace to a troubled world, and yet we find ourselves in the throes of our failures.  Our history is being erased, and in its place; there is nothing to replace it.

Morality is not taught, not in our schools and not in our houses of worship. We have not been taught the values necessary for living peaceful with our neighbors. Our nation is deeply divided and the peacemakers who are bound by their oath to God, have failed and refuse to be a beacon of light for a dying world.

 Our houses of worship have long forgotten their responsibilities to lead the way but they themselves are a major part of the problem.  There are those who shout out about the injustices and call for equality when in fact impartiality has reached a place where fairness does not exists in the minds of rabble-rousers.

Anarchy, coupled with a race war, is on the horizon and we are far too along to change. There are pied pipers who are continuing to lead us to our destruction, and no one to stop this onslaught.  Unfortunately, some of these godless leaders are called reverend and God loving while spewing forth lies, and all under the banner of being Christian. Instead of hope, they make their fortunes by removing hope and in the process oppressing their people. 

The hope for the world lies in the purpose God has mandated for humanity. Christ came to save the world not to condemn the world but you would not know that by going to your church.

Everyone has their own pet opinion, consequently, nothing can or will be accomplished.  Politics and religion are the two overriding problems for these two ideologies can be broken down into factions where everyone does that which is right in his or her own eyes.  Our beliefs and opinions are forged by many different factors not the least of which is our human nature.

Insert:  The definition of human nature is:  Freewill or individual personal freedoms, without moral direction fueled by the traits and characteristics of pride, which are Self-righteousness, Self-importance, self-focus, Self-interest, Self-worship and an overabundance of our perceived self-worth.  Because of these deeply implanted internal corruptions of our nature, the world is perishing.

Continuing: Our youth today have been taught that freedom is everything and have been educated to believe that protesting is good, for shouldn’t a society become a more Godly trusting society if we protest that which is wrong.  What should we be protesting; should not it be something for greater value.

Without trustworthy leadership, society becomes a mob. Without responsibility, the mob becomes revolutionary.  Without thoughtful leadership, we flounder, with no place to turn or to trust for safety.  We have thrown out of this nation the one we claim to have our trust in.

As a so-called Christian nation, we are not peaceful. Violence and discord is everywhere. Our cities are caldrons of hate and anarchy. Some claim that only their lives matter. Christians claim that only their lives matter to a segregating and a discriminating god.

“In God We Trust” is a national slogan, but we do not trust in the real God. It is on our money, it is in our speeches, it is predominate throughout this land and yet it is wrong, not only in concept but in actuality.

Our disgraceful religions have threatened the world with the “god of this world’s” approval. They have deceived the world without thought to what they teach, they intimidate with threats of brutality in a fictional place called hell.  Revelation 12:9., and Matthew 15:9.

“In God We Trust,” is a modern fallacy for we do not trust in the principles the prince of peace has laid out for humanity.  We only are interested in our own opinions and not Gods.

Because we do not know the great God whom we claim to trust, our nation is perishing. Our wealth will not save us.  Our great strength will not help us. Only the God we have kicked out can save us.

Because of our rebellion, both political and religious, he does not hear acknowledge our prayers and will allow this present-day rebellion run its course.

It is not going to be pretty.  Read Deuteronomy 28.

Proverbs 3:14, 17

Vs 13 “Happy is the man who finds wisdom,…”  

Vs 17 “Her ways (wisdom) are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace(ful).”

Isiah 59:8 “The way of peace they have not known, and there is no justice in their ways; they have made themselves crooked paths; whoever takes that way shall not know peace.”

Human Life, Does It Matter?

Regardless of who you are, does your life matter? Male, female, black, white, red, yellow, are you important and if so do you take precedence over others. Our religions are good about segregating the world’s population into their perceived importance with one belief system believing and teaching that their religion and their believers are the only ones that matter.

Do black lives matter? Do white lives matter? Do Christian lives matter? Do Muslim lives matter, etc., etc.?  The only honest answer is that “all lives matter.”

If all lives matter, who cares about all life?  Most all nations on the earth have believers who say that they are Christian. With 2.2 billion Christians inhabiting this planet your Christian leaders teach that, “only Christian lives matter to God,” and, unless you believe the impossible, you are nothing but a throwaway.

How is it possible that to God all lives are important? All that he created, he pronounced as “very good.”  Black lives, very good.  White lives, very good. Red and yellow lives, very good. How can that be, for haven’t we been taught that one is better than another? If that is so, which one is the best?

Our Christian leaders have threatened the world: unless the world becomes “Christian,” only then will their lives be important to God.  They lie to the world and say that God looks down on unbelievers and is so disgusted with them that he will brutally and relentlessly torture non-Christian believers for all eternity.  To be incarcerated for all eternity in a dungeon of pain and suffering would wreak havoc on the billions of minds, causing insufferable mental anguish and torture as well as the pains of eternal fire.  All this coming from a lying ministry perpetrated by the “god of this world’s ministers.”  Revelation 12:9 Matthew 15:9.

The Christian religion was commanded by God to take Good News to the world, instead, they have threatened the world with insufferable threats and in doing so have angered the world.  The Christian religion has so bastardized the good name of our creator while arrogantly claiming that only they are fulfilling his command of teaching good news.

The only news that Christian leaders take to the world is “believe or else,” while claiming that that is good news. 

The impossibility of reaching a troubled world, a world that has never heard of the one who came to save humanity, cannot be overstated.  How can you believe if you have no teachers?  How can you understand something that is not a part of your life? 

World deception has come from the pulpits of world religion.  The most egregious has come from the Colleges, Universities and Seminaries and by extension the pulpits of the so-called Christian faith.  They shamelessly teach that only Christian lives matter to God and all who do not believe are worthless to a loving creator.

If we believe that Gods personal nature, as explained in Galatians 5:22-23 is one of love, how can our Christian leaders teach against these loving principles?

Galatians 5:22-23.  As stated in the Voice. The Holy Spirit (God’s Spirit) produces a different kind of fruit: unconditional love, joy, peace, patience, kindheartedness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. You will not find any law opposed to these positive concepts.

The answer for our world’s problems are not difficult to figure out if you want to understand.  If we are to look backwards, we must begin with the world that God created, i.e., the Angels and their responsibilities as servants along with the creation of the physical universe and the eventual creation of humanity.

As self-directed beings, we have individual personal freedoms and because we are independent individuals, we can direct our own lives in any way we choose. This freedom makes us who we are and gives to us our personality.  Within this sovereign self-sufficient framework, there are obligations. 

If we are to have peace, there are certain requirements that govern the outcome for peace. If we are to live in a world without peace, then the requirements for peace are non-existent.

The downside of being self-directed is that we look at the world from our own unique perspective, i.e., from our life’s experiences, from our schooling, from our religions etc., etc.

If we are to “seek peace and to pursue it” it must come from our internal thoughts and actions. Mental responsibility is the key for this responsibility is required if we are to live at peace within Gods world.  Our tenure on this earth is not about the body it is about the mind and the control of the mind with a predetermined outcome for a peaceful eternal existence.  Our human bodies are what gives us mobility our Godlike minds are receptacles for wisdom, learning and understanding.

Lucifer rebelled because he forgot who he was and without humility toward his creator, he considered himself smarter and wiser than his creator and failed in his attempt to overthrow him. 

God has allowed this world to get to the state in which we find ourselves.  God placed our first parents on this earth with the “god of this world,” i.e., Satan.  He allowed Satan into the Garden of Eden and then he permitted him to infect our first parents with his attitude of self-centeredness.  From that time to this present day, the world has been filled with violence and discord without end.

Two thousand years ago, our Creator came to this earth, lived for over 33 years and then he allowed himself to be put to death in the most hideous and painful of ways to pay the penalty for the failings of humanity.

The flaws buried deep within our human nature were allowed, essentially designed into the system, so that humanity could learn the lessons that are necessary for Gods eternal world.

We are suffering and experiencing the consequences for our unchecked actions.  God has mandated that we live our physical lives with the nature of Lucifer for the express purpose of learning, gaining wisdom and understanding the consequences for not obeying the principles for peaceful co-existence.

Does your life matter? Does human life matter? The only answer is that God created humanity for the special purpose of teaching you and me the necessary requirements for his world.  We are his children and just like all good and decent parents, he is educating us. He is doing that by allowing us to live with the experiences of understanding the outcome when we refuse to live by his guiding principles of “love, joy, peace, patience, faithfulness, kindheartedness goodness, gentleness and self-control.

When we live by these principles there is no penalty for with them responsible actions are a way of life.

No person, political persuasion or religious system can truthfully claim that their beliefs are all that matter. 

The undeniable truth is that God is creating all humanity in his image and likeness, Genesis 1:26.  We are in the final stages of that creation process. Soon, we will know, without doubt, that all lives are truly important to our creator.

Genesis 1:26 “let us make man after our image and likeness…” and,

Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way in which they should go and when old they will not depart from that way.”

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