The Mark of the Beast

Because belief of itself is not a proof, true believers have a difficult time in trying to accept anything that they have not been taught or conclusions that they themselves have come to believe. The problem this world has is the nature of humankind and why our nature is so destructive. From the beginning, our world has been troubled.

World deception was introduced in Eden when our first parents were told that they were not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good (versus) evil. God said that humanity would surely die if they were to eat of this tree. Satan, the serpent, said that that was a lie and that they would not surely die but would be (eternal) like God. Genesis 3:3.

Since that day, there have been wars, political alliances, world catastrophes, mayhem etc., and we die. Our nature is the cause, Jeremiah 17:9. As we live out our allotted time, the ups and downs, the good times and the bad, good health and sicknesses, political and religious differences etc., we are in the process of learning about good versus evil and the consequences of our actions.

Our religions have failed to consider that God has had a plan from the beginning and part of that plan was for allowing the corruption of humanity and then for Christ to come to this world, not to condemn the world, but to save the world. He came to absolve humanity of the sinful nature that God himself had, not caused, but allowed. Remember, “all things work for the good…”

The things we must come to grips with is that God allowed Satan, i.e., the serpent, into the garden and then he permitted him to infect our first parents. God permitted that infection and he has allowed humanity to live with this destructive nature for the physical lifetime of humanity, and then we die. “The wages of sin, of course, is death…” We all are sinners and we all will die.

Because God has all power, his will cannot be broken – unless he allows it. If he allows it, he must have a very good reason and we can bet that it will, eventually, be for the good of humanity. The book of Revelation, in cloaked terms, has revealed the source of our nature and the father of this world’s corruption.

Revelation is a book of revealing and that revealing is a history of wars, rumors of wars, political alliances, religious deception and world troubles such as famines, pestilence, holocausts, etc. It is a book that explains a limited behind the scenes history of the spirit world. The beasts of Revelation are political alliances or powerful Empires who have dominated the world in their time. The multi-headed beasts of Revelation are not just for the end-time for they have existed from the beginning. This book reveals who the beasts father is, and his dominance on world political and religious affairs. Alliances such as China, North Korea, Russia and Iran as well as a few lesser nations are, most likely, this world’s end-time beast. This end-time beast’s identifier is the mask, and could well be described as the mark of this beast.

The beasts of Revelation are three fold and yet one, for instance: The beast can be Lucifer, aka Satan, it can also mean the great false prophet, and it can also be the description of alliances or groups of nations. 

Satan has betrayed the world, Revelation 12:9, through our religions who teach doctrines that are of humans devising. Matthew 15:9. Our religions have corrupted our minds and have introduced beliefs that are not relevant and downright spurious. Because we have been double-crossed, the deception is total; the beliefs this world has worshiped, are false.  How can the world believe when the beliefs are dishonest?

The focal point of world deception is the doctrine of hell. Religion teach that a loving God will brutalize ruthlessly and mercilessly for all eternity; to escape, you must believe their teachings. They tell us we must “save ourselves” by believing what they teach.

The father of deception is none other than Lucifer, the one known as Satan or the Devil. This dragon’s vehicle for deception is the ancient religious system known as Ba’al. This religious system has continued through the ages and now, without thought or concern, we peacefully live with this religious beast. 

The holy Roman Empire, masquerading as Christian since 312 AD, have assimilated, by subterfuge, the original Christian church and now this
false system, also soon to be recognized as the ancient religion known as “Ba’al, has been the instigator of world deception. This ancient religious system has come down through the centuries and now in its modern form is known as Universal or Catholic.

China, a nation whose symbol is a dragon has deceived the world through clandestine contacts, thefts and unholy alliances with the goal of becoming the world’s dominate player, has inflicted upon the world this present day pandemic beast called covid-19. The mask itself is an identifier of this beast. As a thought, is its name covid and its number 19. Rev 13:17 so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.

The “holy people” mentioned in Revelation are the direct descendants’ of the twelve tribes of Israel. Two tribes, Juda and Benjamin, today inhabit the nation of Israel.  The other ten tribes have been lost to history and yet, cannot be ignored. The English speaking nations, such as, Great Britain, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, So. Africa are mostly populated by these lost ten tribes; for we, as the holy people, have sacrificed our wealth and treasure to save the world from the never-ending unscrupulous multi-headed beasts.

This alliance of the “holy people”, while their ancient name has been lost to the world, have done much to save the world from the unholy alliances who wish to destroy.  Just as Ba’al, by reason of trickery, calling itself Christian, has deceived the world, including the holy people. This multi-headed religious beast, has over the centuries maneuvered itself into the holy people who now find themselves about to be destroyed by the multi headed beast of the China alliance.

This multi-headed beast in due course will not be ignored.

The bond between politics and religion is unmistakable. The English speaking nations, considering themselves to be Christian or Christ followers, are not. Ba’al, the anti-Christ, has made its throne in Rome (the Holy Roman Empire sitting on seven hills) while deceiving the world, falsely claiming itself to be Christian. This great whore, Revelation 17, who sits on many waters, has enticed the world into believing false things about the God who created humanity.

During World War 2, Germany headed an axis power (The Axis powers, also known as “Rome–Berlin–Tokyo Axis” was a military alliance that fought in World War II against the Allies.). This multi-headed beast caused havoc during that time and the ‘holy people’ intervened and prevailed. This beasts head was cut off and now we see another beast that is beginning to come alive. World War 1 was much the same, ridden by the beast at Rome.

Our world today is filled with alliances that can be described as beasts and the only alliance that has been able to intervene was the holy people mentioned above.

The descents of Ishmael are mostly Middle Eastern nations and are religious in nature, mostly Muslim or Islam. Because of their perceived betrayal as the firstborn of Abraham, they have been a constant thorn in the side of Abraham’s descendants. They will likely ally with the multi-headed beast power of China.

The beasts of revelation have been predominate in this world from the beginning. After Lucifer’s rebellion, God threw him down to this earth. God said In Genesis 1:25-27 “let us make mankind into our image and likeness.” That verse also has the meaning of becoming like God in thought and deed, mental perspective and spiritual in nature. A learning process that Lucifer did not know or understand.

The protestant daughters of this great whore, Revelation 17, refuse to take a message of hope to the world, as they were instructed; instead, they threaten the world with a never-ending ruthless, merciless and brutal future, for not following their hateful god. The absolute stupidity of this doctrine is itself against nature. We live for 70 years and because we do not know some religious preachers views of God, then their god will torture humanity for all eternity. (Arrogant and self-righteously stupid.)

The book of Revelation is to be considered as a condensed compilation of world history, from our first parents to this end-time. Throughout history, these beasts have had a mark or an identifying image or symbol.  Today’s mark of our present day beast is unmistakably the mask.

The mark of the WW2 beast was the swastika or the sieg heil salute of Hitler.  The mark of the beast or the great whore, Revelation 17, just happens to be the cross.  Modern day Ba’al worships this symbol even though the cross, or stake, is an instrument of death, it has no great spiritual value.

Religion speculates and has told us that the mark of the beast is, a barcode planted on the forehead, a chip inserted under the skin, the covid vaccination and many others, including the number 666 stamped on the forehead.

Our religions have proven ineffective in saving the world and have refused to be practical or logical and in the process have over spiritualized their work.  This world was not made to be spiritual or a time to qualify: it was created to allow humankind to experience the dreadful chaos that a deceived world would experiences and to become educated or knowledgeable in that which Lucifer did not know or understand.  Understandably, this education is painful. Upon our second birth into Gods world, this pain will be forgotten for we will have endured for only a season.

The world of Lucifer became chaotic and a great war broke out in that world. Lucifer did not know or understand about chaos or troubles he only knew he wanted Gods throne and set out to get it.  Today, this nation is experiencing this same kind of trouble.

Just as the ancient beasts of Ba’al, today’s world lusts for the power of the Holy People.

As we can tell, this Mark of the Beast is not a clear event: it has many interpretations. We seem to forget that the beasts of history have had symbols or a mark that defined or pictured their existence.  We in this end-time are no different.


Definition of Human Nature: Free Will or individual personal freedoms, without moral direction, fueled by the traits and characteristics of pride, which are: self-righteousness, self-importance, self-focus, self-interest, self-worship and an overabundance of our perceived self-worth.

These seeds of our nature, planted in our first parents, are the actions that caused Lucifer’s rebellion. Our nature is Lucifer’s nature and we are experiencing what God will not allow back into his world.

Every action of humanity, whether good or bad, has as its root causes these traits and characteristics. Without moral direction, we gladly follow our instincts.

The Definition of Gods Nature and what he is educating us for: Free Will or individual personal freedoms, with moral direction fueled by the traits and characteristics of God’s nature; unconditional love, joy, peace, patience, kindheartedness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

Our every action in God’s world will be by our instinctive responsible reaction of God’s nature.


Merriam-Webster. One definition of a beast is; a mean, evil, or unprincipled person.” Alternatively, a nation, a group of nations, a religious figure or Satan. We should understand that the great deceiver is Lucifer aka Satan or aka the devil working through human individuals, nations, religion and groups of nations.

A Message to the Nation

Our Nation is in great peril for “A Great Spiritual War” is underway in our homeland! Our people are being pulled apart!

As a writer, attempting to bring a little sanity to this physical life, I attempt to point out the deceptive and spiritual difficulties in which we have become so deeply entangled.  My message doesn’t reach the multiple millions that some big evangelistic associations reach; this message is more of a planting of seeds. God says that, “faith, the size of a mustard, can indeed move mountains.”  There is no indication of how long that will take but God in his own time will water that seed until it grows into a vast worldwide mountain.

In modern terms, we could say that this seed is akin to a lone person, in a rowboat, attempting to turn a massive oil tanker laden with cargo.  The impossibility of that happening cannot be overstated, but as we all know, “with God all things are possible.”

We are on this planet for a short period of time in comparison to eternity, so we must make good of our time in the furtherance of peace and harmony for the next generation. Instead, we find ourselves overburdened with hatreds and animosities that help no one but hurts everyone. The biblical statement that “a nation divided against itself cannot stand,” is clear-cut and requires no explanation or interpretation. That cliché is a statement of fact that can have no detractors.  We are not required to believe it; nevertheless, we are forced to live with the consequences.

For a nation to remain free and prosperous, our freedoms must be carefully guarded and nurtured in a responsible way. Personal responsibility is the deciding factor if we are to continue to be an open and uncompromised society. The erosion of our freedoms has come in small increments until we are now in mortal danger of losing what we have so deeply cherished.

We, as a nation, have lived together in a more or less peaceful state since our founding, close to two hundred and fifty years ago.  Over time, we, as a young and prosperous nation, grew and built an economy next to none; while our military succeeded in bring a certain amount of tranquility to a chaotic world.

God’s counsel to humanity is, “Do not become weary in well doing.” This advice will affect our future motivation for once we become weary we are tempted to give up the struggle.

Today, our nation finds itself in the most perilous of situations, for we now fight one another. We have laws that are supposed to regulate disputes, but when those laws are ignored and unscrupulous leaders manipulate those laws to gain the advantage, we cannot long endure. This veiled attack has brought us to this present breakdown in our nation, for we as a nation have disregarded the guidelines for peace and security given to us by our creator. We have now come to that unenviable place in the history of this nation.  There can be no turning back for we are a broken nation, broken without explanation.

The leaders of religion are the most culpable and will be held the most responsible in the eyes of our creator. They were to take a message of hope to the world; instead, they have threatened and intimidated the world into following them.  They were to cry aloud and spare not and to show Gods people their sins, and to explain about the actions of our nature that causes such despicable behavior.  They were to use their vast media presence to reach a nation destroying itself and the reasons we are doing so. They have refused.

The harshest words Christ used in his tenure on this earth was toward the religious leaders of that day. Religion nailed the saver of humanity to the cross and viciously took his life. That ancient religion, centered in Rome, turned Christ over to the rebels of that day saying, “They found no fault in him”. Nevertheless, they allowed him to be brutally murdered.

The religion of Christ’s time was none other than the original ancient religion of baal. Elijah had his run in with these false teachers and many, at that time, were slaughtered.  Those things were written for our understanding of how serious this false religion was to God. This ancient religion has been the vehicle for this world deception. Revelation 12:9.  This age-old religion system is responsible for lying to the world about the consequences for violating Gods direction about the penalties for eating of the forbidden tree. This false belief system has taught that humanity will not die, in direct conflict with Gods own words in Genesis 3:3.  This ancient religion, as stated in Matthew 5:9, is “Teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.”

This great false church, which sits on many waters, saw the power of Christ and coveting that power, ingratiated itself into Christ teachings and began calling itself Christian. When Martin Luther protested that that great false church was not correct on a matter, he broke away.  When he broke away, he established the reformation and since that day, the great false church has its protestant daughters to carry on the deception.

We claim to be Christian but we are not. We are part of the great false church, whom God, in his own time, will permanently destroy.  Revelation 12:9 states plainly that the world has been deceived and it has come from the pulpits and sanctuaries of the so-called, 2.2 billion strong, Christian religion.

Deceitful teachers, as stated in Matthew 15:9 have over spiritualized sin while failing to explain that sin is a consequence of the corruption deeply imbedded in our nature. We cannot repent of our nature but we can repent or change our actions.

Sin is identified and defined by our actions. Every action of humanity is ruled by our sinful nature and will only be changed when God’s work is finished.

Our nation is now engaged in a great spiritual war. A war that will eventually fulfill the edict in the Garden of Eden.  “If you eat of the tree you will surely die.” Genesis 3:3

This great spiritual war we are presently experiencing will have its effect on this world and the result will be a great worldwide upheaval of unprecedented proportions.

This spiritual war we are fighting is happening because we have no loving and kindhearted leadership to guide us through this quagmire. Leaders, who should be leading this people toward peace and security, have no interest in the masses, for only their personal interests matter.

We can always hope for the best, but, unless we make some massive changes, we must be prepared for the worst.

The Great Deception

Daily, our religions reach millions with their message; shouldn’t that message be good news for the world for if they are speaking for the creator that message is of enormous importance. To substitute their message for Gods puts them into a position of being rebellious toward the creator and a gross disservice to Gods children. Careful search of the scriptures should be of paramount importance, not to take the word of ancient religions who blaspheme our creator.  God will not hold these so-called religious leaders blameless, for they have minds to analyze right from wrong, good from bad and responsible versus irresponsible.  Our religious leaders should humble themselves and recognize their position of responsibility toward the great God and his progenies.

For instance:

Genesis 3:3 The serpent was the shrewdest of all the wild animals the Lord God had made. One day he asked the woman, “Did God really say you must not eat the fruit from any of the trees in the garden?” “Of course we may eat fruit from the trees in the garden,” the woman replied. “It’s only the fruit from the tree in the middle of the garden that we are not allowed to eat. God said, ‘You must not eat it or even touch it; if you do, you will die.’”

 “You won’t die!” the serpent replied (lied) to the woman. “God knows that your eyes will be opened as soon as you eat it, and you will be like God, knowing both good and evil.”  That was the first lie.

Since that ancient day in history, world religions believe Satan rather than God. We cannot get around the conclusion that this damnable lie has affected the entirety of religious dogma!  The ancient religion of BAAL accepted that lie and now the modern version teaches that disgusting invention.

If we cannot die and we run afoul of our religious leaders, if we become disobedient or even heretics to religious teachings, we must be punished. Mild punishment we can endure but we must be taught that we would suffer a severe penalty.  That retribution must be severe enough to get our attention; so the word death – became immortal, and punishment – became a merciless, ruthless and a brutal future for the sinner.

We are told that Sheol/hell is a place of eternal incarceration with no chance of escaping and is a place of endless, merciless and ruthless brutality.  Is this true or is it a devious plan cooked up by early religions, i.e., BAAL?  A corrupt doctrine designed to entrap humanity into believing Satan rather than God. (Rev 12:9) The first lie ever told was the lie that Satan told Eve, “you will be like God and never die.” Our religions are so deeply imbedded in this lie that only an upheaval of the God kind will shake them up. Their lack of humility toward their boss and creator places a great deal of accountability on their shoulders.

Because this doctrine is at the root of world deception (Revelation 12:9 and Matthew 15:9) our seminaries and religious leaders should be scrambling to fully understand this doctrine, not with obscure scriptures and an abundance of self-righteousness but with an open and clear thinking mind.

A couple of words contradict this doctrine, words such as “Sheol” and “Hades”. Different translations render these words as the grave while others translate them to be hell.  The word hell has been used in the language as meaning underground for didn’t the Irish plant their potatoes in hell. The word hell has been so callously misused into having great significance in religion, when in fact hell, sheol and hades is a place where dead bodies are buried. 

Ecclesiastes 9:10

RSV… “for there is no work or thought or knowledge or wisdom in Sheol, to which you are going.”

Douay-Rheims…nor knowledge shall be in hell (Sheol), whither thou art hastening.

AKJV… “for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave (Sheol), whither thou goest.”

Isaiah 5:14

AKJV…Therefore hell (Sheol/grave)…

ESV…They will die, and the place of death (Sheol) … 

NLT…The grave (Sheol)[a] ….

The wages of sin is death (Sheol); God’s gift is eternal life.  Where is the fiery brutality?

Any cursory attempt at learning about this place called hell/sheol/grave will show that it is a reference to death.  The combining of scriptures to indicate a torturous place of eternal duration does not meet the smell test.  Arrogant and know it all preachers have hardened their minds to a more reasonable approach to this false but foundational doctrine of the so-called Christian faith. 

Our religions are so imbedded in this fable that there is no amount of reasoning that will get their attention.  They ignore the obvious and misquote scripture to prove their beliefs. Their major failing is that they do not know or want to understand Gods loving purpose for humanity. Purpose must be the foundation for doctrines taught to a trusting but naïve humanity.  The “god of this world” has been allowed to dictate this doctrine and now the whole world believes that a loving God is also capable of unconscionable ruthlessness, all in the name of a misrepresentation of God and his perfect plan for humankind’s eternal life.

As an example:  Sin or sinful behavior separates us from God.


Lucifer rebelled (sinned) and was removed to the earth, where he became the “god of this world.” God separated himself from Lucifer.

God, eventually, allowed Satan into the garden and then permitted him to infect our first parents with Satan’s sinful or rebellious nature.  God allowed Satan into the garden and permitted him to infect our first parents.

Christ agreed to come to this earth, to live a sinless life and to be sacrificed to absolve humanity of the sin-filled nature (Satan’s nature) that he allowed.

 If Christ had not come to absolve humanity of the eternal death penalty, we would be destined to forever cease to exist, to be forever separated from God.

Satan’s lie and religions agree that God is wrong and we will never die.

Christ sacrifice paid the death penalty for our sinful nature.  Christ sacrifice allowed God to accept humankind into his world for we will then be sinless.  Upon our second birth, Christ’s sacrifice will have made our robes white and in turn, we will have a fruitful eternity along with a perfected mind.  A new mind that has been forged in the fire of human life.  A refined mind that will ensure a spiritual life of responsible action and behavior in our world to come.

The wages of sin is death: human beings will die.  God’s gift is eternal life. This life is not about our physical existence, it is preparation for our life to come.

Because our sins will have been absolved, God will accept humanity and because of Christ, we will no longer be separated from our Creator.

God knew the ending from the beginning for he had predestined that his plan and the implementation of that plan would have a positive outcome. God, from the beginning, designed the purpose for his children, not to harm them but to provide them with a life of abundance, not in this world but in the world to come.

Satan did not sneak in, as some religions will explain, for he is not more crafty than his creator. 

When Satan lied to our first parents God did not correct him, not because he couldn’t, but because of his overall purpose for educating or teaching mankind. He allowed that lie stand. Satan had become the “god of this world” because God’s purpose was far more important than the short period of difficulty and deception that humankind must face. If God had wanted a different outcome there were billions of places God could have banned Lucifer too but he didn’t; he placed him on this earth.  Another way of saying; he placed Satan and made him the god of this world where he was to eventually place his most important creation, humanity.

Religious leaders have elevated themselves into believing that they speak for God. Their belief that they can do no wrong allows them to teach the preposterous in place of the good news (gospel) for humanity.

Humanity was placed on this earth, not to be tortured but to be prepared for entrance into Gods loving and peaceful world.  Humanity was allowed to be infected with Satan’s nature, not to see who will believe and who would not, not to see who would accept Jesus and who would not, not to see who would be Christian and who would not, he placed humanity on this earth to learn and to understand that which Lucifer did not know or understand. 

Religion has discounted Galatians 5:22-23 and its description of Gods character by saying that God has this anger for those who will not bow down to religions description of Jesus.  Religion believes that your salvation is upon your own shoulders and not Gods.  You must find this Jesus if you are to be saved.  You must search your whole life, find him and then profess to believe. If you perchance happen to find him at your last dying breath and say the words of contrition, then this God will flip the switch, turn on his love for you and allow you into his world, otherwise, if you did not have the fortunate experience of some preacher finding you and explaining about his Jesus, then you are doomed. Does that sound crazy?

Does your salvation rely on a preacher/minister?  Is God busy with his most important work or has God nothing to do but rely on some belief system.  

There is no way that the doctrine of a torturous afterlife can be explained in clear cut and logical terms.  My father was not a brutal torturer, and I doubt that the readers were as well.  If our human fathers were brutal then it affected our upbringing and poisoned our minds to what a loving father is and how he should be compared to a loving and purposeful God.  Religion has stated that the great loving creator God is also brutal in nature and will discard his loving nature to brutalize you for not bowing before their utterances.

Sin, God has allowed; he allowed the infection and, eventually, “by his stripes we will be healed” of that corruption and upon entering his world our garments will become as white as snow, for our sins will have been forgiven/forgotten.  The sacrifice that Christ made for his brothers and sisters paid the penalty of certain death.  In our Fathers world, that penalty will have been removed.

Christ came to save the world from eternal death, hence the scripture that states, “Christ did not come to condemn the world but to save the world.” God will accept humanity because the sin that has separated us from our Father will have been removed.

That is the Good News of the Gospel.

Is our Nation Spiritually Mature?

As a so-called Christian nation, have we reached the plateau of spiritual maturity?

Are we, as Gods children, spiritually mature in our present state or are we immature? Merriam-Webster states that immaturity is defined as, “lacking complete growth, differentiation, or development. ”Maturity is much clearer, for Merriam-Webster states that Maturity is, “the state of being fully grown or developed.”

The question this article poses is; are we as a nation spiritually mature or are we still immature in our relation with our creator and one another?

What should be the foundation for this elusive full-grown state?  What would be the outward displays for our nation to be considered as mature? When reflecting on the word Spiritual we are left with a vague conclusion that its meaning is mostly about sacred or religious dogma and understanding, not about personal behavior in thought and actions. Because belief of itself is not a proof, belief cannot be an indicator of spiritual maturity. 

Maturity should have everything to do with our thoughts, actions and attitudes.  A fully developed spiritual individual would be an example to go by; someone to emulate or reveals, by their personal actions, what it means to be spiritually mature.

We should be fully aware that our creator is fully mature in his actions and character. God’s character is plainly stated in Galatians 5:22-23. God is unconditional in love, joy, peace, patience, kindheartedness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.  These are the traits and characteristics of spiritual maturity, i.e., those who mirror God’s character.

We can conclude that a spiritually mature individual has a full measure of these traits and characteristics our creator owns.

To accept the expression that, “belief is not necessarily a proof”, then should not a spiritually mature individual examine those beliefs that have doubt written all over them. Because of our unpredictable and unreliable human behavior, can we now say that we, as Gods children, are spiritually mature?  The old expression that “the proof is in the pudding,” proves that we are not mature.

Do our religions and their leaders fall into the category of being spiritually stable?  The answer is no, they do not; they might say they are but again, the fruits are in their actions and teachings.

A spiritually mature religious leader or a group will continually desire to grow in “grace and knowledge” regardless where the truth will take them. We all know the expression, “the truth will set us free”. A proper understanding of Gods purpose for human life will indeed set us free. When our religions teach doctrines that are not consistent with Gods character, Galatians 5:22-23, how can their followers grow in the freedom of the good news?

To understand Gods purpose for humanity is the first step for maturity.  When God laid this essential foundation, he built this house on the solid underpinnings of purpose and the future for humanity. This house became the focal point for spiritual maturity to reveal itself, to grow and flourish.

For a nation to be spiritually mature, the actions of its leaders should reflect the fruits of Gods character in their own character. At this point, we have become painfully aware that our leaders are not mature.

As an example of our spiritual immaturity, our religions consider their hallmark doctrine, that doctrine that gives them the ability to build their fortunes, their palaces of worship and their finances is the doctrine of hell.

If an impartial court of law were to look into this doctrine in relation to Galatians 5:22-23 would they, by reason and wisdom, come up lacking in support for such a doctrine.  Words in the good book, interpreted as hell, are used in describing the abode of the dead or the grave. When God created our first parents, he forbade them to eat of the fruit of the tree of the “Knowledge of Good versus Evil” and if they did, they would surely die. Satan said that if they ate of the tree they would be like God and not die. The first lie. Genesis 2 & 3.

When the plan for human creation was being discussed, God knew that his children, in order to grow toward perfection, must experience the difficulties that Lucifer brought upon himself and his world.  Because God permitted Satan to enter into the Garden of Eden and then allowed him to infect our first parent’s, part of that plan was for Christ to come to this earth. He came to live the life of a human being, be tempted as our first parents were and then to give his perfect life in payment for what the plan called for; absolution for our terrible behavior. That plan was for humanity to experience what Lucifer’s arrogant rebellion brought upon that world. Because sin separates us from God, Christs sacrifice paid the penalty for our sinful and separating behavior so that God will accept us as sinless when we are born the second time into his world.

Our religions have set themselves up as the intermediaries of our salvation by claiming that only they hold the keys to our salvation.  You must follow their lead if you are to save yourself, if not, this great God of Galatians 5, will forget his character and bestow on you a vengeful future.  Life begins at the womb and extends for all eternity.

We are in the gestation period, commencing life with little or no understanding of God, and just like schoolyard declarations, we have no wisdom nor are we humble before God.  We make up our own doctrines (Matt 15:9) to suit ourselves not realizing that world deception has come through the pulpits of religious dogma, Revelation 12:9.

Religion says if you break the rules and sin, because you cannot die, you will have to spend eternity in hell. Hell, they describe, is a place of brutality and relentless and merciless torture. Religion will tell us that we are eternal and cannot die that if we sin and break their rules there must be punishment.  That punishment cannot be good; it also must be severe, for punishment without severity can be easily endured.  They have set an eternity of extreme torture so that they can threaten the heretics and the non-compliers with scare tactics and intimidate them into obedience.  Obedience also means financial support.

The good book tells us that Christ did not come to condemn the world but to save the world. When humanity was placed on this earth with Lucifer/Satan, God allowed this rebellious being into the garden and then he permitted him to infect our first parents with his corrupt spiritually immature nature.

Our spiritually immature religions have placed themselves in a position of believing that they cannot be wrong, if so, there is no reason to continue to grow for they have achieved maturity. They refuse to answer serious questions about their doctrines and concepts; apparently, their belief is all they need for proof.

As a so-called Christian nation, are our religions spiritually mature? As a so-called Christian nation, are our national leaders spiritually mature? As a nation of faith believers, can we truthfully say that our cities, our homes, our relations with others, our racial intolerance, our sexual differences, et cetera, say that our nation is spiritually mature?

Christianity, those who are supposed to follow the teachings of God have much to explain.  Claiming to be a Christian does not make you a Christian nor does it absolve hypocritical Christian leaders of erroneous and deceptive teachings.

God has placed us on this earth for three score and ten, some longer – some shorter, for the express purpose of learning about Lucifer’s rebellion and the chaos it will usher in if not avoided. 

“By his stripes we will be healed” of this infection and will be “born again”, or born the second time, into his world a spiritually perfected mature individual.  We are to live for all eternity with this perfection so that there will not be any Lucifer style rebellions in that world to come.

Our nation now is living with the same type of rebellious anarchy that Lucifer caused in his world.

We see that same form of rebellion exhibited in the halls of our Congress.  Absolute rebellion, without wisdom and humility toward God and fellow citizens of this country.

There is none righteous or spiritually developed, no not one.

We are being perfected by fully understanding what it means to be spiritually immature.

Predestination, True or False

Predestination is a predetermined outcome of certain events and actions.

Merriam-Webster states that, “predestination is the doctrine that God, in consequence of his foreknowledge of all events, infallibly guides those who are destined for salvation.”

Our religions will tell us that God has predestined only a few to be afforded his redeeming features, and those will come from their religious group. How could that be provable: it isn’t? Does it mean that God has picked out only those he wants to save and all others he not only will discard but he will also torture you in a fiery dungeon in a ruthless and mercilessly manner? What are we to make of this confusion?  Would you, as a parent, predestine one of your children to be the inheritors of your wealth and the others you would throw into the scrap heap?

Pastor Brock, even this morning, stated that God pushed his acquaintance off the brick wall towards the altar, not once, not twice but three times. God forced him to the altar because God had chosen/predestined him to be saved, but not others.  Did God really select that person or is that a flawed interpretation of predestination? Why would God foreordain whether you would have life or eternal brutal death?  Shouldn’t we know? Shouldn’t we desire to understand?

Is predestination true; the answer is indisputably yes, but not as we have been taught. Our religions have misinterpreted this word by relying on their own flawed understanding of God and his purpose for humanity.

If that is what God wants, how could or would he do it? As God, could he design a plan and a purpose that would preordained the outcome from the beginning. Your favorite religion says he will choose only the fortunate ones who he has preselected to be saved. Our favorite pastor will also tell us that if we do not say the proper words of contrition and bow down before their words then he (your pastor) has foreordained that you and I will be tortured in a brutal and a ruthless manner for all eternity.

Quite contrary to religious belief, predestination is a very positive example of God’s love for humanity. God knew us before we were born so, “God predestined those he foreknew to become acceptable.”  Religion stumbles on the fact that they have no understanding of God’s love for humanity nor do they comprehend his purpose for making humanity physical.  Our religions have led us down this road of confusion and because of their arrogance and closed mindedness; they continue to teach the ridiculous.

God’s plan for humanity is not some do or you die plan where you must choose and thereby save yourself; it is a plan where he has chosen us from the beginning. From the foundation of this world, he worked out the details to bring you into his world fully prepared to accept the position he has earmarked for you.

God’s plan is to bring you into his world prepared and ready to go.  The big question is; how will he do it?

God’s plan for humanity was to “make man after his image and likeness.” Genesis 1:26.  God does not say that only a fortunate few would be made into his likeness and image, he stated that is our physical purpose. God has not yet finished his creating process for humanity, he is the potter and we are the clay that he is molding into his likeness and image.

How could he accomplish such a colossal task? It is not about the physical body, it is about the spiritual mind.

Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way in which they should go and when old they will not depart from that way.”

We use this verse as the reason and the purpose for training our children.  We train them to become responsible and stable citizens of the world they are to inherit. God gave us these instructions.  Do you think that God ignores his own instructions? 

God knew all humans before they were born and his purpose for his children is for them to become members of his world, fully trained in understanding the causes for Lucifer’s rebellion.  We are physical for the important reason that we must learn the lessons required for peaceful existence in our peaceful world to come. We live for a few years and then another generation comes along and repeats the process of learning.  A learning experience geared to school us in wisdom is destined to turn us into responsible citizens for the world to come.

Our religions have totally gone off the rails, failing to understand Gods purpose for human life, when all they have to do is “put on their thinking caps.”  Our religious leaders totally deny the power of our creator thinking it is up to them to save the world. They unmistakably believe that they themselves have been predestined to save the God ordained save able.

Our religions have slandered the name of our creator and have deemed him brutal to those he, supposedly, did not choose.

 This life is serious business: it is not that God is punishing us; it is because we are learning about the consequences of being irresponsible. As spiritually immature beings, we must be taught how to become spiritually mature.

This life is not permanent; it is temporary for a reason.  Evil is in the world because God has allowed it.  He did not cause it he has permitted it, because without this world exhibiting the nature of Lucifer we would not know what to flee from in his world.

Our freedoms of individuality are paramount and we are learning the necessity of self-policing not only our thoughts but also our actions. 

In Gods world, all those things that cause division in this world will be removed.  No more racial divisions, sexual confusion, national and international differences, etc., etc.  God will heal us of our corrupted nature and give us a life free of the obstacle this world has laid at our feet.

His promise is to heal humankind of the corruption with that which Satan was allowed to infect our first parents.  “By his stripes we will be healed,” of that corruption.

You are destined to be in Gods world for his plan and purpose is to make or to create you into a Son/Daughter of God, to live for all eternity in peace and harmony.

PS:  We live on this earth for 70 plus/minus years but for those that religion says are predestined for hell, they will be tortured for billions upon billions of years.  How is that for a lack of understanding and a brain without a functioning sense of rationality?

Is predestination true: You bet, for God from the beginning determined that his children would be given the best possible education for the world we are to inherit.  An education necessary for peace in his world.

You have been predestined to be a child of God living a purposeful and accomplished life in his world to come.  God’s plan was for humanity to be saved and not condemned.  God is no respecter of people and his plan was for the saving of humanity, for he has foreordained the outcome for his children.

“Christianity,” who can save it?

I recently read a post on social media that stated, “The President had saved Christianity,” could this possibly be true? This world has approximately 12 major religious groups of which “Christianity” is the largest, with over 2 billion followers. The largest group is the Catholic who claim to be Christian.  Can the pope save Christianity? How about the Protestants, did they save Christianity by their breakaway from the mother church. Did Martin Luther save Christianity? 

I suppose the question should be, “Does Christianity need to be saved.” If it does then logically we must believe that the pope cannot for they have been around for thousands of years. Martin Luther couldn’t, for wasn’t the protestant reformation born for setting right the doctrines and beliefs that Luther disagreed with?

What living person is qualified to save the Church that Christ founded?  What living person is qualified to “renew the faith once delivered”?

For most of my life, I have heard that “organized religion” had problems.  Some respected ministers agreed that problems exist.  The dark secret is that no one would or could spell out what the problems are.

If we were to take a closer look, shouldn’t we begin with the statement that “Christ is not divided”? The Christian religion has many differing denominations all preaching what they believe and in the process promote their beliefs over other Christian denominations.  The question we should ask is, ‘why all the differing beliefs when Christ is the same’ “yesterday, today and forever”.’

There are self-governing Christian churches spewing their own personal animosities while misleading their followers to believe that they are Christian?

With all this confusion within the ranks of Christianity, can we really call ourselves Christian? The biggest and most important proof of being a Christian nation is the behavior of those who lead.  Our nation has a leadership that is destroying this nation with a hatred and unrivaled hostilities.  Our political leader are proving that we are not Christian nor do we fear God as a nation.

The insurmountable difficulty this nation faces is our religions. Our religions pick and choose scriptures that bolster their beliefs and disregard or even attempt to understand those that bring into question their interpretations of scripture.  All Christianity has is the bible and common sense. When a logical interpretation of scripture is ignored chaos follows.  Is all scripture given for doctrines and reproof or can religion ignore those that point out their failures?

A TV documentary recently stated, “The bible is the inspired word of God but man has his hands all over it.” Revelation 12:9 states that the whole world has been deceived.  Matthew 15:9 states that religions are teaching for doctrine the commands of men.

The beatitudes are examples for Christians to live by.

Blessed are the meek (humble), those that hunger and thirst for righteousness, the merciful, the pure in heart and the peacemakers.

These guidelines reflect the path that a Christian nation must take and our religions should be united in teaching them. Our religions are focused on getting individual converts when their major responsibility is to guide this so-called Christian nation toward these guidelines.

Our nation today has no real understanding of what it means to be humble. We do not hunger for peaceful living.  Our religions talk about mercy but teach a different doctrine of ruthlessness and brutality. Being a peacemaker should be the hallmark of our national government, instead, we are so totally divided that peace is no longer even possible.

Our politicians are not humble for they debase and demean their opponents. They are not respectful of their fellow man and they attempt to humiliate and to downgrade others in their coveting of power.

Our religions are even worse, for they condemn the world to unmerciful bondage in a fiery place of incarceration called hell.  Religions interpretation of hell is a vicious lie about a loving creator.  Our religions refuse to do the work that God demanded of them: to “cry aloud, spare not, and show my children their sinful behavior.”

Who is qualified to save Christianity?  Can an arrogant and self-righteous Christianity save itself?  Shouldn’t a Christian society reflect on their own smug self-righteous feelings of their perceived self-worth?

A Doctor might heal himself, but Christianity will not, for they cannot.  Christianity’s deeply imbedded troubles began in the Garden of Eden when Satan infected humanity with his nature.  The BAAL religious system was a Godless system that ignored the true God.  That evil system morphed itself into calling itself Christian and until this world understands that fact, Christianity is doomed to follow the destruction of Rome.

Because of the influence of Rome, our so-called Christian leaders have corrupted the language believing the monks who interpreted and published the 1611 King James Version of the bible.  Our religions have deceived the world by turning words and concepts into something different from what the world should understand. 

Words like hell, the abode of the dead or the grave; not a life filled with torture.

Words like “born again” which in truth mean to be born the second time.  The first physical the second to be born into Gods world.  Words and a prayer will not do it. The proper use of the language is paramount for true understanding.

God did not come to condemn he came to save, religions says you must save yourself by believing.

Christianity has been so deeply corrupted that God will have to begin again and cast this unrighteous and ungrateful belief system into a grave to never again see the light of day.

God’s purpose for human life is to allow humankind to get a full understanding of that which Lucifer did not know or understand.  God is showing humanity the right way by mandating that we live with the corrupt attitude/nature that defined Lucifer.

Christianity will not be saved until Christ returns to wipe away all the confusion about him that Christianity has taught the world.

Remember the days of Noah.

Why the Reluctance?

The world is a world that would have no understanding of any subject unless we ask questions.  Questions are designed to bring out facts not understood by the person posing the question.  Questions begin with our children asking seemingly simple questions and if we as parents refused to answer then we have failed in the process of developing our children’s minds.  A young sit-com actor ask her father, “why did we have to come here first”, is a very reasonable question deserving an answer.

When we are presented with a dilemma about a certain subject or problem the only way to solve that quandary is to ask questions and to get straight and truthful answers. If a teacher or a professor at a university refused to listen to questions about the subject matter of the class, when we leave that class we would be no wiser or better informed than when we entered. Questions clarify and at the same time add to our sum total of understanding.

“What is biblical truth” is a question and the only answer would be ‘whatever our creator utters,’ for he cannot lie.  This question has so many misrepresentations that everyone believes his beliefs hold the answer: is this even possible?

Could we have designed the first airplane without many questions about aerodynamics?  Could the first heart transplant have been accomplished without many thoughtful questions? How about the race for space, or the internet or maybe the construction of tall towers.  If we are going to grow in knowledge, it must begin with questions.

Politics and religion are faced with the fact that political and religious ideology are the two most significant things that dominate the lives of human beings. These two fundamental ideologies are filled with ideas that need to be questioned.  Our politics today are jam-packed with people who will not truthfully answer serious questions.  Our religions are much the same.

Why do people refuse to answer questions that reveal truth or understanding? If we were to logically look at the question and how it affects our belief system then we might be proven wrong, is the dilemma.  Our nature cannot handle that eventuality.

Our world today is rapidly destroying itself and no answers are forth coming. Unless we change this downward trajectory we are in for some very tough times ahead.  World history is teeming with societies who at one time or another thrived who have now disappeared into the dark past. 

What has caused the chaos in our world today and are there any answers to this problem?

The first question we must answer is, “Is there a God”? If so, what does he have to do with where we find ourselves today? Is he involved or aware of what is happening and if he “loves his children”, why is he allowing the world to be so troubled.

To find answers, we must start at the beginning, at the time the universe was conceived and created.

A shortened version is sufficient to get the point across:

God created servants called angels and he gave them the quality of free will or individual personal freedoms, which means that they can self-direct themselves including the decision to carry out orders from their creator.  Their thought process was individually their own and was helpful in making decisions not covered by specific instructions.  They were to accomplish the overall goal of what the boss ordered.  Much like contractors today.

The servants (angels) were given the responsibility of doing the work of building the universe, God did not just tweak his nose and the world immediately came into existence, he gave the work to his servants.

Lucifer understood that the physical universe was for the sons of God, which he assumed was for him and his angels.  When he found out that it was not for him he became hurt and then angry. He felt slighted and taken advantage of.  He forgot he was a servant to his boss and his boss did not see fit to explain everything to him.  It was a given that Lucifer responsibility was to faithfully and obediently carry out his instructions.  Lucifer proved himself unfaithful, consequently, he rebelled and war broke out in heaven. 

After the rebellion was suppressed, God granted Lucifer’s most basic wish, he placed him on this earth and made him “the god of this world”.  Lucifer now had free reign over this universe and could do as he wished as long as it conformed to the parameters that God had established.  God was in charge and allowed Lucifer freedom within limits.

God created humanity and placed them on this earth with Lucifer who became known as Satan.  Eventually, God opened the door and allowed Satan into the garden and in time, he permitted Satan to infect our first parents with his rebellious nature.  Satan infected our first parents by lying to them about God and distracted them into believing his lies about God and their relationship to him.  They would not die they would live forever was the first lie. 

Our first parents succumbed to the great lie and that lie was the inward looking desire of self-fulfillment or self-interest that placed themselves above what God had instructed.

Our first parents were infected with this smooth talking and evil being who had not gotten over his biased anger toward his creator.

Humanity was doomed to live with this infection for the remainder of our days and to fulfill the promise made by God that if we ate of the tree of the “knowledge of good versus evil”, we would surely die.  Now humanity faces death at the end of our allotted physical lives.

Religion tries to tell us that God lost control of Satan, that he snuck into the garden unbeknownst to God and coerced Eve to sin and then to tempt Adam to follow. 

This brief background requires a number of serious questions, as posed below.

Why did God allow Satan into the garden and then permit him to infect our first parents?

If God permitted the sins of humanity, what was his purpose for absolving humankind of their sins?

Was the corruption of humanity part of the original plan?

Christ came to save humanity not to condemn; if so “is he powerful enough to develop a plan that would do just that.”

Is it possible that God wanted humanity to live for a short period of time with Lucifer’s nature so that we could learn about that which Lucifer did not know or understand?

How could God save humanity and at the same time not condemn mankind to eternal death? 

Are beliefs the necessary tool for God to save us and if so shouldn’t those beliefs be correct?

A place of torture and brutality in a place called hell is one of religions foundational doctrines; How can a God whose description is, “love, joy, peace, patience, kindheartedness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control,” resort to brutality?

A judge in a court of law will instruct a jury that “beyond a reasonable doubt” must be administered; can we, “beyond a reasonable doubt”, charge God as being a brutal torturer for those who have not been introduced to him?

Is it possible that this doctrine is a carryover from the original BAAL religion of old?  Don’t be surprised at the answer.

Is the bible the true word of God and if so, has it been corrupted as stated in Rev 12:9 and Matt 15:9?  Reference Jeremiah 17:9.

Could our religions, considering themselves infallible, be the primary reason that they will not address these questionable doctrines?

Is it true that a loving God would ruthlessly and mercilessly torture billions without hope for mercy? Would not this brutal incarceration bring about vicious insanity and hopelessness for all eternity?  Is this the actions of a God of love or is it a corruption of God’s word?  Is living for a short 70 +/- years a significant factor for the eternal torture of the unknowing.  70 years of living, billions of years of torture.

Should religion do an in-depth assessment of this evil doctrine?

Is it possible that we, Gods physical children, have been led down a path of hopelessness and foreboding, questioning where we will spend our eternal future?

These in-depth questions deserve an honest answer.  Correct answers cannot be applied if answered from the perspective of our corrupted beliefs.

Why are our religious leaders reluctant to answer serious questions? Why are they complacent with the status quo, is it because they fear for their position as an infallible purveyor of truth? Religion, now faced with a country calling itself Christian, is failing in their responsibility of rightly dividing truth from fiction. The responsibility of these fallible religions, is to take to the world a message of peace, instead they threaten the world with unspeakable mayhem. 

Because our religions have taught this so-called “Christian” nation the lies by which Satan has deceived humanity, they will not survive as an honorable belief system.  The people of this nation have been conned into believing the lies that religions has forcefully taught.  Our religions refuse to humble themselves; consequently, we continue to disintegrate.

Seeing that the need to answer serious questions is an act of humility toward God and the people that religion serves, should be a driving force for these leaders.

Isiah 66:2 “But this is the one to whom I will look: he who is humble and contrite in spirit and trembles at my word.”

Our political and religious leaders should take heed to the song lyrics, “let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.”  Until that day …….

Justice, what is Justice?

One of the definitions of Merriam-Webster for the word Justice is, 3conformity to truth, fact, or reason:  correctness.

If we are to spread lies about someone or something, are we being Just to the target of our deceit? Is it possible that we can be unjust to the great God of the universe?  If we tell obvious lies and spread unnatural and false doctrines, are we being unjust to a God of great Love and Mercy? Is God a God of justice or do we just use that tidbit to portray that God is only just to the fortunate few?  Are the Ten Commandments relevant in defining justice, especially the one that condemns false witness?

Justice is not about Justice for God’s children only; it is also justice for the great God of the universe.  To vilify his name is to take to the world doctrines that he has not taught. Telling the world that their God loves them and then threatens the people of this planet with brutally and mercilessly torture, is not from a loving God.

Our religions today will not answer questions about God if they believe it detracts from their opinions and beliefs.  Can justice prevail for God’s children when religion has pronounced dire consequences if his children cannot or will not comply with religions demands.  Where is the justice we all so desperately desire? When opinion replaces truth, can we truly understand the deeper aspects of justice?

Every person does that which is right in his or her own eyes, if that is true then justice should begin with our training and upbringing.  We are not automatically born with all wisdom and understanding, we are born with empty minds that are begging to be filled with understanding and truth.  If our understanding of truth is flawed then we have a flawed perception, belief, or opinion of God.  We cannot truthfully proclaim Gods justice for a dying world without thoughtful understanding of what our Creator wants of us and for us.

Recently, I wrote an answer to a professor who considered himself infallible in his beliefs because of his education level.  Wisdom departed this individual and in its place he placed his hopes, dreams and future on a belief that had so many holes that they would be rendered unacceptable to an honorable justice system.  A true justice system would rule them as false and libelous.

“When you proudly explain about your intellectual credentials, Harvard law, editor of a legal magazine, teacher, theologian, father, grandfather and husband: Can you, as a legal editor, answer some simple questions? Why did God allow Satan into the Garden? Why did he permit him to infect our first parents with his nature? Religion says that a loving God can also be a ruthless torturer in a place called hell: what is your explanation of this apparent contradiction? In what way would you define sin? If we humans are sinful, can you explain what causes humanity to be sinful?  Where did the hell doctrine come from? As a world-class intellectual, shouldn’t you know?

If hell is a place commonly referred to as the grave or the abode of the dead, why is it referred to by religion to be a place of brutality and ruthless torture? Is the abode of the dead a place where people are totally without life or is it eternal life in a place of suffering and torture? Isn’t this another of religions absurdities?

What is humility toward God? Is it a humble attitude to stand tall on our own intellectual muscle or is it to bow down and realize that we are only a mortal human who will consider that our own sense of personal righteousness is faulty? With all your intellectual skills, why are you demonstrating just how intellectually lazy you have become in the command to grow in knowledge and truth.”

How can we, as Christ followers, interpret the concept of justice within our frail and fragile human minds?

If God created the universe, the angels and humanity and placed our first parents into the garden with Satan, what was his purpose? When he allowed Satan into the garden and then permitted him, the one called Satan, to infect our first parents, why would a loving and a just God allow this series of circumstances to happen. Would a just God incarcerate billions into a dungeon of fire and brimstone for those who have not been privileged to know him?

Could a God, who loves justice and is a being of love, imprison billions and brutally torture them for all time to come, be a God of justice or is it a terribly unjust assertion?

Is granting humanity a repentant attitude a Godly action of love for his children? God will grant humanity repentance because he allowed our sinful nature!

If God allowed and sanctioned the corruption of our nature wouldn’t justice be for Christ, our creator, to pay the penalty for that which he allowed and permitted. Surely, we should acknowledge that his paying the price for that which he allowed is an act of a just Savior.  He paid the penalty for our corrupted nature so that we would not be eternally euthanized.  (Merriam-Webster to put a living being to death).

Christ paid the penalty for the sins of humanity and we, his children, are learning about the price of rebellion while gaining the understanding needed for his world to come. Our creator allowed and permitted this world to become corrupted with the rebellious nature that Lucifer so clearly displayed, so that we might learn the lessons of responsibility and loyalty to God and our fellow inhabitants in our future home.

He created humankind, he allowed and permitted our nature to be corrupted and then he paid the price for our sinful existence. By this process, he is perfecting our minds to become like his so that we can fully understand peace and Justice and the necessity for a peaceful society to adhere to these principles.  Because of “by his stripes”, we will be healed of the corruption that has played an integral part in our perfection.

His creation of you and me will not be complete until we have paid the price (the wages of sin is death) physically.  His death paid the price for humanity spiritually. This life is not about eternal life in this physical and temporary world, it is about eternal life in his world. He is preparing humanity for life without end in his world to come.

He has set in motion a training program designed so that you and me will be equipped to live in his peaceful world.

Another ill-fated attempt

As a country, we are on a disastrous path toward destruction.  We give lip service to peace and security and yet we are clueless as to how to achieve that goal.  Peace, peace, we cry out and yet, there is no peace.  Surely, there must be answers?

Where do we find these elusive answers?  If we are a Christian nation, shouldn’t we consult God for answers? Is it true that we should obey his words for peaceful existence if we wish to ensure peace?  We have been led down this path toward an outcome that is unimaginable if we are to continue our present direction.  If God is on our side, when will he come down and save us from ourselves? 

A few short years ago, @BGEA headed by Franklin Graham, organized and headed up a #DecisionAmerica tour in which they traveled around this country praying on all the state Capital steps.  They ask God for peace and to come down to save us.  The thing most alarming is that; he did not.  Our world today is in much deeper trouble with no positive signs of positive change.  What was amiss in that first national foray toward @BGEA’s attempt to coerce God to bring his children peace?

To put it bluntly: God did not look kindly on that attempt to strong-arm him into intervening.  He has laid out the guidelines for human actions, actions designed to bring about peaceful results.  No amount of coercion will change the fact that we as a nation have discarded his principles and concept for peace.

If you want to have friends, be friendly.  If you want to be loved, be loving. If we want to be Godly then we must put on that robe of goodness exemplified by the fruits of Gods character.  Galatians 5:22-23 unconditional love, joy, peace, patience, kindheartedness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. There is no fear of eternal damnation in these characteristics of God.

Because we have thrown out these traits and characteristics of our Creator and in the process, we have divorced ourselves from him by thinking that we can do it on our own.  Our congressional leaders have made a mockery of their office in the eyes of God and the only way they will change is for God to permit a massive series of corrections.

Isiah 1:15 “No matter how much you pray, I won’t listen. You are too violent.” Contemporary English Version

Matthew 6:5 “When you pray, don’t be like those show-offs who love to stand up and pray in the meeting places and on the street corners. They do this just to look good. I can assure you that they already have their reward.” Contemporary English Version

@BGEA, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, has taken a message to the world designed to gain a few converts.  They have been deceptive by threatening the world with eternal torture for not complying. Rev. 12:9, Matt 15:9. This arrogant and self-righteous organization has taught a despicable doctrine to the world and the world believes that God is a frightful being who will be unforgiving and merciless.

We have Christian shepherds and ministers who race bait and teach that a racial divide is threatening their community rather than expounding on the Beatitudes; blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall see God in their actions.  Our religions have deceived the world as explained in Revelation 12:9 and Matthew 15:9.  Our religions cannot be trusted to guide this people toward peace for their failures are enormous and glaring.

The Billy Graham Evangelistic association is now planning another ill-fated attempt to persuade God to intervene.  Just like the first attempt, this one will be a massive failure for the leadership of this organization are not humble before their Creator.  They arrogantly try to force God to intervene by their many prayerful tears. He will not respond to their ill-fated attempts.

Franklin Graham’s hapless prayer march 2020 is doomed to failure.  If this self-righteous organization were to elicit God in a humble manner, realizing that he alone is the future and his concepts and precepts for peace are eternal laws, then he would respond. It is our actions that have thrown these Godly rules onto the trash heap that will be our undoing. 

The whole head of this country (including religion) is rancid with emotional and a self-righteous attitude that illustrates the present mental state of this nation.  Our leadership is broken beyond repair and the only way for this world to be fixed is for this arrogant and self-important leadership to be replaced. 

The troubles this world faces is not about your religion, your faith, your national origin and your society or culture beliefs:  It is about our human actions.  If we want to live in a peaceful world, we must change our self-serving actions.

Even a Godless society can be peaceful if they live by the principles and concepts for peace that God has laid out for humanity.

Franklin Graham recently wrote on twitter:  Our nation is in trouble, & we need God’s help. Make plans now to come for #PrayerMarch2020,” Graham, president of the Christian charity Samaritan’s Purse and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association,

My answer to Franklin Grahams endeavors to coerce God to intervene.

The uncalled for arrogance of Franklin Graham in thinking he can by-pass the principles and concepts that God has laid out for peace is astounding.  If we pray hard enough, cry copious amount of bitter tears, try twisting Gods arms to intervene, he surely looks at this arrogant organization and says to them: ‘I have given you the way toward peace and you have discarded them.  I have explained to you that to believe in me you should be showing true signs of humility realizing that you are frail, pitiful and powerless.  Your prayers are useless, for you will not humble yourself.  You claim that I, a God that cannot sin, will brutally torture billions for not following you and your organization. Who are you to pronounce eternal judgement on the world?  Who gave you that power?’

‘You, Franklin Graham, have not humbled yourself before me and therefor your prayer march 2020 is doomed to failure.’

Why have we Forgotten?

Why have we forgotten that we are the children of our Creator? Why have we put aside the need to be responsible toward our brothers and sisters?  Why do we refuse to be a nation that “God is for?” There are many answers to these questions and yet the answers seem to elude us in lieu of our own personal opinions.  

How can God be for us when we have proclaimed our independence from him? We have thrown him out of our nation and have proclaimed; “Our reliance on him is over.”  God has given to us our great wealth and position in this world, not because we are a righteous people, but because he placed on our shoulders the responsibility of taking his message of “good news” to the world.

Instead of taking that “good news” message to the world – our religions have threatened the world if they did not comply.  Our religions have placed the responsibility for our salvation in our own shoulders when in fact it is Gods responsibility to save his children.  Our beliefs are counted as nothing when compared to what God is doing for you and me.


When our creator conceived his plan for expanding his spiritual world, they (the Godhead) took a hard look at what was going to be required.  To be like him the first objective was to have a people with what is known as free will or individual personal freedoms.  These freedoms must be tested in the hearts and minds of God’s children so that they would fully understand the necessity of responsibly conducting our actions. How was God to accomplish this seemingly impossible task?

God created a universe of unimaginable size to give his children understanding of just how powerful he is. In the process of our creation, he has placed obstacles in our path that would bring out the learning process for the greatest amount of learning in a short period of time. This process requires a lifetime of living in this physical and temporary world with the impediments continually getting in our way. 

From the beginning, Gods plan was to create humanity to be a mirror of his nature and likeness.  This process was to “teach humanity the correct path they should take if they wished to live a peaceful and accomplished life.  The major goal was and is to teach humanity about God and the requirements for entry into his world.  All the obstacles we face must be addressed with a full measure of free will or individual personal freedoms.  God has set in motion the mechanism and it is up to human beings to use their freedom to self-direct to react to these stimuli.

In the beginning God said, Genesis 1:26, “let us create humanity into our image and likeness.”  Those were not idle words; they have specific meaning for humanity. Not only are they accurate in a physical description but they are a spiritual description of what is to be; i.e., God says he is a God “who cannot lie.” Humanity has no guilt about lying.

“Train up a child in the way which they should go and when old they will not depart from that way.”  Proverbs 22:6.  By combining these two verses, it becomes obvious that Gods purpose is to teach his children and to perfect them into his image and likeness. 

Moreover, God said: “Let us create humanity to become like us in image and likeness. We will do so by “training/educating” them and showing them what is required of them in our world. When they are in our world they will not depart from that way because of their training.”

As a parent, you are to educate your children. Consequently, God has given you, a parent, the responsibility of preparing your children for this world; he has given himself that same responsibility of preparing his children for his world.  The plan and the method is surprisingly simple. It is a plan we live with on a daily basis, our lives and Gods life is centered around this purpose.

After God created humanity and placed our first parents into the Garden of Eden, he then allowed Satan to enter and permitted him to corrupt our nature. He allowed this corruption because it is the nature that caused Lucifer to rebel in his world.  God’s plan was to, eventually, come to this world, to live and to die in the most extraordinary way, to pay the price and the penalty for that which he allowed and permitted in the first place.

Since the beginning, this world has come full circle, twice. The first time was in the “days of Noah.”  The second time is just ahead.  The “days of Noah” were rife with troubles of which we are limited in our knowledge of that time.  We in this day and time are living “as in the days of Noah,” so we can get a fairly good idea about those ancient days.

In Noah’s day, God destroyed that society with the flood while today we will destroy ourselves by our own hand if God doesn’t intervene.

Our corrupted nature is a massively self-centered nature.  A nature without humility toward God and without love for our fellow man. Of course, we love our children, family members, and a professed love for God, but that is a self-centered love: a love that pleases us.

The depths to which our nature will take us is broadly written in the actions of humanity. Our political systems are self-serving and arrogantly perceived to bolster our political ideology and to make it the only way in the eyes of its believers.  Religion is much the same way. Religious ideology has promoted themselves as the ones who speak for God.  With so many different religious beliefs, which one is the true religion?  They all claim they are, but are they.

The nature of humanity has brought the world to a crossroads.  Can we heal ourselves and by that I mean, “Can we change our national and individual actions to be more peaceful.” The answer, because we have no humility toward God and our fellow man, the answer is no, we cannot change our nature.  We can change some of our actions but our nature we cannot change

Today we are gearing up for the biggest clash this world has ever known; paling into insignificance the two world wars and all the continuing wars that humanity has always fought.  We waste our blood and treasure on something that will make no difference in the end.  Maybe temporary change but nothing permanent.

Why have we forgotten?  We cannot forget something that we have never been taught.  This nation, with all its wealth and educational institutions have failed in realizing the depth of God’s purpose for humanity.  We bow down before ourselves and worship our opinions and pronouncements as wisdom and ignoring the one who has the ability to grant wisdom. 

How can we forget that which we have never known?  Soon, “every knee will bow before God,” not because we must but because we deeply desire too.

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