The Biggest Lie Ever Told

My last post “We are not a Christian Nation” brought a response which was thoughtful. I responded a couple of times but our conversation ended with her telling me that it was the 9th paragraph she took issue with. The paragraph concerned religious leaders and the teachings of the clergy. I had attempted to get a little poetic in my description, but her concern was that religious leaders were not to be questioned and because they were nice people they should be trusted as to what they taught.

I had decided that I wasn’t going to respond to her last reply, but after giving it some thought I decided that I would.

I wrote an article recently about the biggest lie ever told and would like to restate what I said at that time. Our religious leaders are not stupid, in fact they are well educated in most cases but, they have refused to look at the most harmful doctrines their church and most other churches teach. The doctrines of Hell, Immortal Soul, and Purgatory. These doctrines were introduced into the church in the mid-200s AD and have been accepted by most all church denominations. If these doctrines are not true then those who teach those doctrines are perpetuating the world’s biggest disservice to you and your creator.

It is easy to research these doctrines, all that needs to be done is enter a search on the internet and it becomes obvious that the beginnings of these doctrines were not from god, but from the distant past.

The immortal soul was taken from a pagan belief and introduced into the church. The doctrine of hell was introduced because if we have an immortal soul, or a soul that wouldn’t die, then a place for unbelievers and heretics to go, was necessary. It couldn’t be a good place, because in order to keep the rabble rousers in line, it had to be a place of unspeakable punishment and torment. How can that be squared with a God of love?

This nation is in the throes of our leaders telling lie upon lie in order to get a law or bill passed. We are in the process of being inundated with the revelation that we have been lied to for a long time. Do we realize that the god of this world was a liar? He is the father of the lie. Do we think that the religions of this world are immune? Could it be that they teach things which are not true as well? It certainly should make us wonder.

Would you take all the children on your block and the ones who didn’t respect you, would you throw them into a bond fire for their own good? Of course you wouldn’t. It is a stupid assumption and yet that is what religious leaders tell you, and we believe it. Just how much have we allowed our God given minds to be paralyzed by these disgusting doctrines?

So, now we have purgatory. It was introduced into the church so those families who had these so called evil people in them could then pay the church leaders a sum of money and they would pray for the souls of these sinners, and as if by magic they would go to the pearly gates.

Church leaders are not ignorant because to look seriously at these doctrines would mean they would have to moderate their teachings.  To look closely at these teachings would mostly likely cause them to lose their prestige and position of power over their congregations.

This is the biggest lie ever told, and it comes from the clergy of this world. Those who say they worship the Great Creator, but worship themselves more.

This is a tough pill to swallow but eventually it will have to be swallowed. Not only is it the biggest lie ever told it is a monumental lack of respect to this loving being who created you and gave his life for you. He didn’t give his life for a few. He gave his life for all. He is in the process of training us for his world by allowing us to live in the world governed by the god of this world, Satan.

We are seeing what an arrogant and self-righteous people can bring upon themselves.

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PS:  The deception is institutional and is impossible to change, for many billions have been affected.

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