Failed Religion

This is an article I wrote in September of 2013, and I thought it appropriate to include it this book. This article examines the many difficult problems we have, not only here in the US but around the world as well.

The list of difficulties paint a sordid picture of our nature which has taken a turn toward the unacceptable, not only to you and me but also to the Great Creator.

In the news today there are over two hundred girls who have been kidnapped by some disgusting and despicable group who have a “cause” to uphold.  Just how evil have we become?

Our creator will not allow this to go on indefinitely.

Here is the article.


Failed Religion

We live in a world today without leadership. Recently on the news three black teenagers shot a jogger to death because they were bored. A radical religionist on trial for the murder of 13 military people.  A young child murdered in his stroller by 2 young people. The list goes on and on without letup. School shootings, theatre shootings and families with murder within.  We have new cyber-crimes being invented daily and the beat goes on without letup. Our crime in this country is a runaway freight train.  It is beyond the point of no return.

Who is going to give us the answers to why is this happening.  Common sense should tell us that our religious leaders would be qualified.  Do you hear any of them telling us?  I don’t.  We have well known ministers going on national talk shows looking all cool with their hair combed and their shirt tails out, because that is the fashion.  They must look good for us to admire.  They have become a stench in the nostrils of the great creator because when they chose their profession they said they would uphold Gods ways.  They are only upholding the ways of their church.  We must have a bigger church they say.  Our building fund is getting too small.

It appears to me they should be saying “Our sins are destroying us” and they should be telling us what causes those sins.  I don’t hear a sound.  We go to church and hear wonderful music and a meaningless sermons, then we go out into the world, once again looking over our collective shoulders, well aware that we could be in danger.  What we heard in church isn’t helping.  Peace we cry out. We need peace.  And your minister says “No peace for you unless you say magic words”.  If you don’t say magic words an eternity of unspeakable torment awaits.  No peace in hell.  No peace on this earth. No peace at home or schools.

I categorically say that REIGION HAS FAILED.  It has failed you. It has failed me.  It has failed this country. It has failed the world.

The religious leaders who chose the responsibility of, “crying out and sparing not” have failed.  This world cannot last much longer unless something changes.  We cannot distinguish the difference between religious leaders and politicians because they were cut from the same cloth.

God is going to change our nature and we are learning the reasons for the necessity of having a changed nature.  This life is a learning process and not a qualifying process.  Christ died and shed his life so our nature can and will be changed.

Charlatan Religious Leaders

When religious leaders do not perform their chosen duties of being peacemakers they are failing the great Creator God whom they claim to serve.

We have severe difficulties in minority neighborhoods and these people with Rev. in front of their names do not show these neighborhoods the path they should be on. Instead these charlatan leaders inflame them with the injustices that they claim keep these neighborhoods in poverty.

If only their message to these young people were a message of hope and positive, for we are all God’s children, alas their message is not a message of hope.  Parents lose children to gang violence and the carnage continues. Where are the Rev’s? Getting rich by a negative message of unfairness to these communities that are desperate in their need for hope.

This world has gone mad. We overlook these difficulties because we can do nothing about it.

So, it continues to grow worse. We as a nation have reached a point where drastic action will soon need to be made if we are to save ourselves.

Moral Failures

I fear, we as a nation have passed the point of no return. The moral leadership of this great nation has failed us and now we are disintegrating into chaos and wanton acts of evil. We have a prison system that is overflowing, costing multiple millions of dollars just to house the convicted.  We have young people being taught that this nation is unfair because of their skin color.  We have millions taking illicit drugs to satisfy their own inner demons.  The alcoholics among us are innumerable.

Child abuse, pornography, a total disregard for the 10 commandments on every level.  Where will it all end?

The greatest nation that has ever been is now descending into the cesspool of moral depravity.  Morality is scoffed at because people don’t want to be tied to a moral direction, we want to go our own way regardless of where it leads.  We are now reaping the whirlwind. The whirlwind will increase in intensity.

We call ourselves a “Christian nation” but obviously we are not.  Our so called Christian leaders have failed us in their Christian responsibilities. They have appropriated the name of Christ and yet teach lies about him.

There are churches on every corner of this nation all preaching peace and yet there is no peace.  That should give us a hint of their effectiveness.  Oh, we go to church and come away with nothing but a good feeling that we are good church goers.  We have not been shown the way of peace by these leaders.  No religious leader in this country knows the way of peace.  World conditions prove that.

The motivating factor of our leaders is a self-serving legacy of just how important they are.  We have been abandoned by self-serving religious leaders who can’t believe that God is powerful enough to same mankind without their help.  Our leaders have acted arrogant and self-righteous in their self-aggrandizement of the performance of their duties.

When our leaders became leaders they became the spokesman for the Great Creator in his desire for the direction of his people. They in turn have heaped upon themselves praise and wealth and in return we have been discarded.

The three murderous thugs in Duncan, Oklahoma were products not of an uncaring society, but  were the products of failed teaching.  Teachers/charlatan leaders who told them that they were worthless and had no hope because another race kept them down.  The real villains in this matter are the Rev. (that’s short for Revolting) race baiters who preach hate.  These people are not God’s ministers. These charlatans will eventually answer to the Great Creator.  They chose their direction when instead they could have given the young in their community’s lessons in hope and self-worth.  Lessons that their opportunity’s in this nation are just as great as the next person. The race baiters have betrayed their Creator and have betrayed the youth they should be helping.  “Blessed are the peacemakers” the good book tells us and yet these so called ministers don’t believe in peace for all, only wealth for themselves.

We have black leaders who have reached great heights and yet they seemed to think they are special while believing the youth of this nation have no hope of following in their footsteps.

Of course not all black leaders think that but the Revolting Reverends are teaching that.

The End Is Near.

Big words with big meaning.  If these words are true then the human race is in big trouble.  The way this world is going, this toboggan slide toward oblivion has become unstoppable.

The Middle East starting to burn with no letup in sight.  The government in this great nation is now out of control and none to oppose what is happening. It is happening in increments one step at a time.  We will awake one morning and realize that we as a nation are in serious trouble and on the path of no return.

Race issues are at an all time. The political parties not able to work out their differences.  It has become a cauldron of quicksand and we are sinking at an ever increasing rate.  We have sown the wind and we are going to reap the whirlwind.  We are now seeing this massive tornado on the horizon and yet we go about our daily tasks and life without paying attention.  When this massive whirlwind has struck we will begin to open our eyes and see the destruction that has happened to our wonderful country. Just like Moore, OK and Greensburg, KS.  If we look at the destruction of these two towns we can see what destruction this whirlwind can cause.

I believe the highest category of tornado is 5.  When this whirlwind descends upon this country the number will be much higher. (I am talking metaphorically about this tornado.) It won’t take out just one or two cities it will take out this nation. We are supposed to be a God fearing nation, because after all our religious leaders are saving us one soul at a time from hell. (Sarcasm)  As a so called “Christian nation” we have become the most decadent nation in history.  We have killed our unborn children at an alarming rate. Over 50 million the last count I heard. Our crime rates have escalated along with our unsustainable surge in technology.  The murder rate is truly despicable with the murder of people of all ages at the hands of immoral and arrogant killers. People wanting the most precious thing you have apart from your children, which is your life.

All you have to do is look at the news any day you choose and you will see examples of this debauchery. It cannot be sustained.

I will tell you where it is going to end.  It will end when this most self-righteous and totally arrogant human race descend to the place where we will destroy ourselves, a  total self-important and totally inward focus on what we want, to the detriment of all others.

God Finally Intervenes

God will finally intervene and metaphorically say to us, “So you thought you could rule yourselves. You have gotten to the place where you would have wiped yourselves from the face of the earth. You, just like a mouse setting on the body of a deadly snake you played your cards thinking you would survive when in fact I kept you alive long enough for you to learn the lessons.  You have acted irrationally and yes even stupidly, because you thought yourselves to be so smart and wise that you became fools.  Your dreams have come to nothing”.

“You have learned your lessons the hard way, tough love if you will, so now I will save your life and you will finally be able to live a life of peace and fulfillment with no limits and hope abounding.  You will not be arrogant and self-righteous filled with your sense of self-importance instead you will be humbled before the great lawgiver and peacemaker.  Finally, your dreams and hopes for yourselves and you families will be fulfilled and your life will be happy forever”.

“All of that because you needed to be brought to your knees realizing that your most important characteristic, which I want from you, is freewill with humility.  You will forever remember this earth and the outcome of a world ruled by a self-righteous nature”.

“Welcome into my world.”

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