God Finally Intervenes

God will finally intervene and metaphorically say to us…..

“So you thought you could rule yourselves. You have gotten to the place where you would have wiped yourselves from the face of the earth. You, just like a mouse setting on the body of a deadly snake you played your cards thinking you would survive when in fact I kept you alive long enough for you to learn the lessons.  You have acted irrationally and yes even stupidly, because you thought yourselves to be so smart and wise that you became fools.  Your dreams have come to nothing”.

“You have learned your lessons the hard way, tough love if you will, so now I will save your life and you will finally be able to live a life of peace and fulfillment with no limits and hope abounding.  You will not be arrogant and self-righteous filled with your sense of self-importance instead you will be humbled before the great lawgiver and peacemaker.  Finally, your dreams and hopes for yourselves and you families will be fulfilled and your life will be happy forever”.

“All of that because you needed to be brought to your knees realizing that your most important characteristic, which I want from you, is freewill with humility.  You will forever remember this earth and the outcome of a world ruled by a self-righteous nature”.

“Welcome into my world.”


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