Definitions About Life

Why are definitions important in trying to understand just about anything we can think of?  If we can’t define something then it becomes almost impossible to fully understand.

If we were to define something as simple as water we would probably define it as “a free flowing substance consisting of H20, or 2 hydrogen atoms and one Oxygen atom.  (I know this is a very simple definition and there are more in depth definitions for water.) This is just to make a point.

We understand that to know something either fully or partially we need to be able to define that which we are discussing.

There are definition that haven’t been made about subjects of great importance to you and me.  (If there have been I haven’t heard them.) Subjects such as, Human Nature, Sin, Life, Our Purpose and most all other subjects connected to our purpose on this earth.  We are temporary or physical if you will.  We live for approximately 70 years and then we die and another generation comes along to take our place, and then they too will expire as well.  This cycle has been going on since the beginning of our physical existence.

As most of you who have read my posts know, I criticize religious leaders because they should be the ones to define what it is that we are and why we live on this temporary planet.  Their life’s work should be to fulfill the wants and desires of the Creator and to explain to human beings why we are, what our purpose is, and the reasons for the multitude of troubles this world has been encumbered with.

Let me start by giving you the most important definition that this world should know.  Human Nature.

Human Nature is:  Free will without positive direction, fueled by Pride, Self-Importance, Self-Righteousness, Self-Interest and a total inward focus.

Our nature is such an integral part of our lives that we can easily overlook its significance and the effect it has on our actions.  As an example, when we are criticized or in any way made to look bad or we perceive that we have been crossed in any way, our nature, motivated by pride, erupts.  Of course it depends on the circumstances but rest assured it will erupt in one way or another, either in thought or action. A video on TV just this morning showed one car running another off the road because someone was mad at something the other had done, and then took destructive action.  That folks is our nature.  Human nature in its raw form.

The most basic form of self-interest is a young child screaming and crying just to get what they want.  A basic form of our nature which is easy to see.


This leads us to the next definition.  This definition is based on the definition of our nature and yet tells its own tale.  That definition is the definition of true peace.

We cry out for peace.  We pray for peace.  We fight for peace.  We negotiate for peace. We pass laws for peace.  We worry about peace.  We have churches on every corner teaching about the prince of peace and yet we have no peace.

The good book says “They don’t know the way to peace.”

OK big shot, what then is this definition of peace?

True peace is:  “The cessation of hostilities within the heart of mankind.”  You might think this definition is pretty simple and a big DUH, but do you realize that this definition is directly related to our human nature?

Remember every human who has ever lived on this planet has been infected with this nature, so let compare the two.

We can have no lasting peace because we are prideful by nature.

We can have no lasting peace because we are filled with our sense of self-importance.

We can have no lasting peace because we are self-righteous to our very core.

We can have no lasting peace because my self-interest trumps your self-interest and I will fight you to get what I want for myself.

We can have no lasting peace for we are so totally focused on ourselves that true peace will not and cannot be achieved.  We can have temporary peace but lasting peace is just a hopeful dream.

We cannot have true peace because our nature will not allow it.  Without a humble nature there can be no peace.


This leads us on to another definition.  I realize that there are more sophisticated definitions than I will give but mine will suffice for this article, and that definition is about our life.

The definition for our physical life is:  “Life is a learning experience not a qualifying experience.”

Big words, big meaning.  Let me give just a little history about how we were infected with our nature.

When Lucifer rebelled at the very throne of the universe he was cast out because he became prideful and rebellious.  The Creator then threw him down to this earth and changed his name to Satan.  My definition of Satan is “Troublemaker.”

One of Satan’s desires was to become god and take over the throne from his Creator. He lost his wisdom and humility but when God cast him down to this earth he then got what his prideful heart wanted.  He became god of this world.

The Creator then created mankind from the dust and then placed him here with Satan.  It makes no sense unless you begin to understand that God wanted temporary mankind and this rebellious troublemaker to co-exist on this same planet.  There were billions of places God could have discarded Satan too but he placed him on this earth with human beings, whom he called his sons and daughters. Was this necessary?

God’s sons and daughters were required to live on this earth with this troublemaker, and the head scratcher is, why would a loving Creator do such a thing to his sons and daughters?

The Garden of Eden is the starting point and Satan, that sly and devious being described as a snake, lied to a gullible mankind through Eve and injected his nature into human kind.  So this god of our world infected us humans with his nature of pride and self-righteousness, and GOD ALLOWED IT.

Why did God allow his beloved sons and daughters to be infected with this evil nature?  Because our lives are temporary and physical we can only come to the conclusion that “he wanted us to experience and to learn about the causes of evil and the chaotic aftermath of a self-focused nature.  He wanted us to see, in a temporary fashion, what the outcome of this evil would bring.  We are learning about evil and what causes it and what disastrous consequences it will bring.

Lucifer rebelled because of a prideful attitude and brought war to Gods world.  We live in a world ruled by Satan and we can see the hateful and disastrous results of living the way of Satan’s nature, which became our nature.

The reasons we are learning these lessons is:  Because when we are born into God’s world as full-fledged Sons and Daughters, the Creator will remove this dreaded infection and give to us his nature.  We will have minds like his and this most important quality to peace in his world is a full measure of free will but ruled by his love and his understanding.

The antidote to this infected nature we humans have is, HUMILITY.

All of the self words described in our definitions above cannot be used to describe humility.  The words to be used in describing humility are such words as, Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Faithfulness, Kindness, Goodness, Self-Control and Gentleness.

The definition of Humility is:  A nature devoted to the Great God of the Universe, realizing that without him we are nothing.  When we are humble we will look to him for our very existence, extremely appreciative and to fully realize that when he is described as Love we will know and understand what that means.  It will not be in our nature to rebel as Lucifer did.

After this training process we will be born again into our Fathers World.

“Raise up a child in the way it should go and when they are old they will not depart from it.”  Child rearing in its highest form.

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