Another School Shooting – Why?

Around the world today we have all become aware that there has been another school shooting. There is a war on our most precious treasure and we are incapable of stopping it. There are many question as to why this is going on and yet we are incapable of putting a finger on the cause.  Why is that?

This carnage is going on within the halls of our schools, cities, yes and even our churches.  The main cause and culprit has been virtually ignored.

There are some who say that if we get rid of guns we will stop the violence.  Some say longer prison terms and that will send the message. There are some who say that violent videos and movies are the culprit. With movies and the new technical enhancements and graphics coupled along with the volume turned up to very high decibels we become immersed in the chaos.

Some say just believe on the lord Jesus and then we will have peace. Our churches preach peace on every corner of this nation and still we have no peace. There has to be a deeper cause.

I suppose we could rightly say that there are grains of truth in all those beliefs and attitudes but, it doesn’t address the main culprit.

The people who have the responsibility of informing us of the reasons and causes of this toboggan slide toward the abyss is our spiritual leaders.  When was the last time you heard a minister define evil and give a good logical explanation of what it is and what causes it.  I haven’t and I suspect you haven’t either.

This is not hard science and our religious leaders because they have been more focused on their careers and their churches agenda they haven’t focused on the worlds difficulties.  The problems in Chicago and Oakland as well as all the other cities in this once great and wonderful nation can be laid at the feet of our nature.

This nature of ours doesn’t cause the violence it is the out of control characteristics of this nature. When we look at life from a self-focused outlook then any infraction to this cocoon in which we live, is war.  Without the training we need to be able to control this free will of ours the problems can become a deep pit for some individuals.  This training starts in the home and is called child rearing.  When we let others, who are not interested in our children, control what they learn nothing positive can come from it.

The characteristics which are so harmful are pride, self-interest, self-importance, self-righteousness and a total inward focus.  These characteristic when abused by free will cannot bring about peace but can only contribute to violence and upheaval. We cannot and must not consider these characteristics as good, for they focus ourselves on ourselves to the detriment of all others.

There are many things that contribute to this extreme violence.  When the characteristics of our nature is fueled by our free choice to view and participate in all stimuli associated with this downward plunge then things are not going to get better

We have sown the seeds and now we are reaping the crop of this planting.

The responsibility for our understanding has been lain directly upon the shoulders of the religious leaders of this world and they have been found wanting. “Cry aloud and spare not and show my people their transgressions” is the mandate the “spiritual leaders” of the world have been given from their boss, the Great Creator.

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