An Open Letter To the Late Billy Graham


Over the past seven decades of my life you have been a prominent figure in the religious world. You have touched the lives of millions with your message and many, without question, follow you. Your organization has millions of followers on social media who daily receive messages from your association.

You have garnered prestige, wealth and unbridled respect from this nation as well as other nations in this world. You have stood before presidents and sat at their tables as well as counseling them in private matters known only to you and them. Of all the leaders this nation has respected and idolized, you are undoubtedly one of this nation’s most iconic figures.

Sir, you have attempted to portray our Savior as a loving being but in the process you have forgotten the world. This world is populated by over seven billion at present and tens of billions in the total number of inhabitants this world has produced.

Your message has been selective in who this Saver of mankind will save. When he said he came to save the world not to condemn the world your message has been much the opposite.

When people are born into nations, cultures, societies and religions not of their choosing, and who have absolutely no way of escaping those circumstances, you hold out no hope for them unless they escape to follow the tenants which you espouse.

Your claim to Christ and our claim to Christ rests on our beliefs when in fact a belief is only a deeply held opinion and certainly not a proof. When people of other nations have their religious beliefs and deeply held opinions there is no amount of coercion which will cause them to willingly change their minds.

I am sure you understand that principle but you attempt to force people to follow you and your beliefs by the threat of hell. Have you ever stopped to fully understand what you have taught and which your son continues to teach? Do you fully understand the ramifications of your teachings?

When hell is discussed in the good book the words used can be misused in an attempt to insert fear into those you attempt to reach.

Your belief of hell is surely a place of fiery agony with no way to be relieved of the excruciating pain or to fully escape. When our Creator gave mankind fertile minds and minds to be able to reason and to understand complicated things, what would be the effect on those minds? Not only would these people be incarcerated for all time in extreme agony but also wouldn’t they fully understand that there was no way of escape? Would not their minds descend into a pit of excruciating agony and insanity? Screaming, for there would be no way to escape from your version of hellish torture.

Your message over the decades has been just that, a message about torture for those who do not accept or follow your way.

If you don’t mind, just how can you claim that our creator is a loving being who loathes non-believers enough that he would heap upon them such ungodly torture? There are many despots in this world who have tortured people. People who haven’t accepted them or who haven’t bowed down to their political views. Is your god different?

These despots, just to name a few, such as Saddam, Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot, remember the killing fields of Cambodia, were torturers of the worst sort but their victims were removed from that torture by their death, although I am sure you would say that if they didn’t say the right words their torture would continue in a much more desperate way.

If we could rightfully say these despotic leaders were mental derelicts and psychologically unfit and who also have absolutely no love or compassion for those people, what could we say about your god? Would a loving God inflict such chaos on the minds and bodies of his creation? Would your god inflict such damage on people and then claim to love them or would he abandon them without thought?

Couldn’t we rightfully say “he loves us but just don’t cross him by denying him?” Can your god be trusted not to get angry with you or your followers in his world and revert to his torturous ways? Can we be absolutely sure he will not allow us into his world under false pretenses and to gleefully begin a torturous future for your followers?

Sir, you preach about this evil thing called sin. You revile the evils of sin. Sin not repented of will cause this evil descent into your place of incarceration. What you haven’t told mankind and your followers is “what sin is” and what it is about our nature which causes mankind to sin. You say sin is rebellion against God but you will not explain what it is that causes mankind to rebel or sin. If you cannot explain sin and the causes for mankind’s sinful ways haven’t you missed the point? You mandate we must repent of sin but you will not explain to us about this sin filled nature of ours.

Are we to blindly follow you and your teachings?

To say that if mankind doesn’t follow your way then they have chosen, let me repeat for emphasis, chosen to go to your hell. Do you think that a right minded person would naturally choose your version of hell? Do you not understand just how blasphemous that is about our Creators children? Would you send your rebellious children to a place of unspeakable torture?

Do you not realize that the scriptures in the good book have been twisted to say things which they do not mean?

You have called Satan a rogue who cannot be controlled by the one who created him. If that is true you haven’t explained just why our creator would create a being more powerful than he.

You haven’t explained just why our Creator would throw Satan down to this earth and then to allow him to corrupt mankind with this sinful nature. Is God so senile and powerless that he forgot that there were billions upon billions of places he could have banned Lucifer too?

Sir, you have much to think about and to consider. Have you been an instrument of deception to the people you have taught (Rev 12:9) over the years? You have lived a long and prosperous life and as your end draws near you must consider your life’s work and just who it is you will meet in the world to come. Are you to meet a great loving God whose love for mankind was such that he sent his son to live and to die an excruciating death for the salvation of a sinful mankind, whose nature was corrupted in the Garden called Eden, or are you to meet a god which produces fear and trepidation on those he allows into his world?

In Rev 7:9 “Standing before the throne was a number that no man could number all dressed in spotless white and redeemed by the Creator of all”.

Couldn’t part of that number be some of those you have condemned?

L. Wayne