The True State of Religion

How deeply do we trust our religious beliefs? With so many to choose from, how do we know ours is the correct one? How should we evaluate our beliefs, for don’t we deeply desire to be correct? Are we on God’s wavelength or are we on our own?  Is it possible to prove what we believe or is it just a guessing game?  Are our pastors really telling us the truth as God’s servants or are they just pursuing a career?  There are many questions, are there any answers?

Questions are the lifeblood of understanding.  To put a rocket in space many questions had to be asked and answered. To understand what God’s purpose for our human existence is, many questions must be asked and truthfully answered.

We mostly come to our beliefs because we were born to parents who had a particular belief. This world has about eleven different major religions and those beliefs are central to a nation’s identity. Because we have been taught the tenants of our belief systems from birth, we accept them without question and to change them is virtually impossible. They can be changed but only if someone is open to change. The thought of our beliefs not being a proof almost never enters our minds.

Is there truth in religion or religious beliefs? A person recently told me that his beliefs was his proof, that is like saying, ‘my opinion is all I need.’ It appears that our beliefs should be supported with purpose, reason and logic. To claim that the Great God of love, 1 John 4:8 “For God is love,” would incarcerate in a dungeon of fire and torture forever, with no hope of escape, does not describe love but just the opposite, hate.

Catholics have their own beliefs while Protestants have their own tightly held views and so it goes for every religious thought and doctrine. Some believe that it is right to handle poisonous snakes for that is proof of their faith. Others dance in the spirit believing they are under the control of the spirit of God. There are many thoughts and ideas about religious theories but we do not ask for logical proof. We have not yet concluded, “Beliefs are not a proof.” This world is confronted with a glut of beliefs, which make no sense being that there is only one God.

Our world has been troubled from the beginning. Our first parents were corrupted with what religion calls “sin” and then because of their “sinful” actions toward one another their creator kicked them out of the Garden of Eden. “She made me eat the “forbidden fruit.”  Adam said to God. “The serpent beguiled me, and caused me to eat the “forbidden fruit,” Eve said, trying to explain away her actions.

Our major difficulties is not “sin,” it is that infection, which causes humanity to be sinful.  (Isiah 53:5 “By his stripes we will be healed,” of that infection.)

Because of our first parent’s actions, God removed them from that place and placed a curse on them and by extension the human race. The good book says that angels with flaming swords were placed at the entrance to the Garden and no one was allowed to return. Our first parents were forced to fend for themselves and to live their lives in an unfriendly world.

Cain soon killed his brother Abel because of a jealous rage. From that day throughout the history of humanity, we have had wars and rumors of wars. Confusion and conflict has plagued the human race from the beginning, costing multiple millions of lives in the process.

Today we have heartbreaking school shootings such as Columbine, Sandy Hook and now the Florida massacre, just to name three, while there are many more examples. We wring our hands and pray for peaceful solutions but they do not come. Our religious leaders claim that all we have to do is repent but repent of what. We are not perfect for only a perfect person has no sin. A sinful humanity can and will sin in the most despicable of ways, as we witness daily.

Schools in turmoil. Congressional leaders filled with animosity and self-importance, Religious confusion, thieves coming out of the woodwork, identity theft, armed guards in malls and churches. An abortion Dr. killed in his church by a “Christian” killer.  Where does it stop? Does it stop at the altar of love? Obviously, it does not for many who claim to be god followers commit callous acts in their self-righteousness, thinking god has given them permission.

Our “Christian” religion bears the name of our Creator and yet the world is in a Spiritual chaotic condition. “Every person doing what is right in his own eyes.”

Some have died as a result of unnatural religious practices. Some use drugs to enhance their spiritual experience. Some claim that their belief is the only way to salvation and God is going to use them to bring the world to him. Some have made a god out of wood and stone, which has no feeling or meaningful expression. There is a glut of religious beliefs and a famine of understanding.

So where do we go from here? Do we await the final judgement of our Creator or does his name imply something that we have overlooked. If he is our Creator maybe we should ask, “God, what are you creating in humanity?”

The common theme of most religions is there is a serious consequence for not believing or following. Our famous pastors claim that our salvation depends on our own actions, even when their view of proper actions are not possible. As a Christian or Christ followers we have been led to believe that a loving and merciful God will ruthlessly and viciously torture the unknowing or unbelieving with no hope of escape or rescue. We have been sold this bill of goods just to satisfy some religious belief and we accept this fabrication out of fear for our own future?  There is no love in a being who would inflict such havoc on those he is supposed to love.  Religion says you must qualify for his love and mercy when he said ‘it is a free gift.’

Big questions must be addressed, ‘What is the purpose for our human existence?’ Why did God place humanity on this earth with the disgraced Lucifer, whose name was changed to Satan, when there were billions of places in the universe that he could have banned him? Why did God allow him into the garden and then permit him to infect our first parents with that which causes mankind to be sinful? Religious leaders refuse to answers any of these questions, relying on the teachings of the pagan church two thousand years ago.

I repeat from above, “Questions are the lifeblood of understanding.  To put a rocket in space many questions had to be asked and answered. To understand what God’s purpose for our human existence is, many questions must be asked and truthfully answered, with a desire to know.”

Can this cause for humanity to be sinful, be defined? The answer to this question is yes, but when specified our religions refuses to acknowledge or accept anything that does not fit their deceptive theories.  Christ’s anger was directed toward the ministers and preachers of his day and today’s leaders are no different Matt 23.

We have colleges and universities funded by the great religious denominations. Seminaries by the dozens in this country alone and the questions that are most important they refuse to answer or even to consider. They have become intellectually lazy and dull-witted, considering themselves to be wise above all, when in fact they forget the fact that they are made from the dust of the ground (mud). They are wealthy beyond understanding but are spiritually dead, emaciated and arrogant in their self-worship.  They preach about a God they do not know.

Mark 7:6 “Well did Isaiah prophesy of you hypocrites, as it is written: ‘This people honors Me with their lips, But their heart is far from Me.

Our world is now on the brink of disaster. North Korea, Iran, China, Russia and Syria. With Israel in the crosshairs, this world is beginning to collapse. The mass confusion is about to break wide open. As in the days of Noah, we will sleep until that day comes when all hell breaks loose, or as the good books states, sudden destruction.

Will our nation straighten up or do we pay the consequences for our egregious sinful actions? Religions have led humanity down the path toward destruction for they refuse to look for answers.

Will we wake up or do we continue as we are?  When sudden destruction befalls us it will be too late and we will not like what those days will hold for a self-righteous and self-centered nation who worships the god of freedom without responsibility.

Jonah was sent to Nineveh and they repented of their ways, will we?

L. Wayne

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